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Evolve PR Invading PAX East and GDC

Oh boy... whoever decided that two of the industry's biggest trade shows should be within a week of each other needs a serious talking-to. Regardless, Evolve PR will be at PAX East and GDC, and more importantly, our clients will be there. This is a great chance to see...

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Making a Case for Video Game Previews

I guess you could say it's a pretty rough time to be in video game PR. Our relationships with press have come under scrutiny, the media landscape has changed dramatically in a short period of time, and -- most recently -- the very concept of pre-release PR in games...

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PR Pro Tips: Avoiding the Vapor Problem

As Wired pointed out a few days ago, we in the gaming industry have a bit of a problem with our vaporware. While there are a number of reasons for announcing early--ranging from building hype to selling preorders to reassuring skittish investors--the net effect of all...

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