Ahhhhhh community managers.

It often feels like we’re spinning a hundred different plates at one time, so when the pressure is on it’s easy to miss something small. We’re only human after all.

It’s something I have witnessed time and time again when working with clients, just small things like a missed date update on Discord or something outdated in a Twitter bio.

I thought to myself, surely there must be some kind of checklist out there, and when I couldn’t find one, I made one myself. Now you can have it too!

Download the checklist here: http://bit.ly/EvolvePRCommChecklist

Make sure to check out the intro tab for proper instructions on how to use the checklist. Unlike the Asset Guide, this checklist is meant to be copied over to your own space and customized to your own needs, but feel free to pull the updated sizing recommendations from the Asset Guide into your checklist!

Since social media and community is unique to each studio, you will want to remove the platforms that you don’t use, or update platform notes to better fit your situation. We’ve got the most common places in there to get you started.

If work is getting too much for you or your community staff, always feel free to reach out to our community team ([email protected]) and we’ll be happy to see how we can support you.

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