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The (r)Evolution of PR

A few years ago we set out to create the ultimate tools suite for video game promotion. Since then, more than 500 games have launched through Terminals.io, including just about every project Evolve has worked on, like The Witcher 3, We Happy Few, Conan Exiles, Dead Cells, Fortnite, Frostpunk, and many more. Terminals.io has saved our PR teams countless hours of work, and has redefined how media and content creators get access to new games.

Industry-Leading Media and Content Creator Platform

Terminals.io was built with the goal of helping PR reps by streamlining and automating common processes, and by consolidating a range of applications into a single tool. Today it’s a cornerstone of Evolve’s PR efforts: it’s our contact database, newsletter/press release builder and distributor, review-key-distribution platform, and so much more. It allows us to engage with more than 20k media and content creators (verified by our internal team), providing them only with news and opportunities relevant to their interests. Our PR teams can focus their time on high-impact work with the most relevant targets, while Terminals takes care of the rest.

Terminals.io Launch Packages

While we plan to open Terminals.io to other developers, publishers, and PR teams in the future, we currently offer Terminals.io Launch Packages, which allow you to tap into more than 20,000 media, streamers and YouTube content creators registered on Terminals, while still benefiting from the expertise of Evolve PR’s team. Rather than just opening Terminals up to every developer, we’re offering a middle step between total do-it-yourself and an Evolve full-scale campaign.

Want a Launch package?

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Media or Content Creator?

If you’re a member of the press, a streamer, or a YouTube content creator, you should get your butt on Terminals.io ASAP!

  • Get all the news about the games that matter to you—and nothing you don’t care about
  • Request keys for all of Evolve’s clients’ games, as well as a selection of Terminals.io Launch Packages
  • Discover new games based on your interests and platform preferences
  • Get invited to exclusive industry events, demo days, and other exciting opportunities
  • Be considered for paid content/sponsorship opportunities


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