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Media + Influencer Relations for Video Games

To improve the chances that your game will be a success, you’ll need to attract and retain a community of passionate fans, foaming at the mouth for any new info or videos… you know, like if they had a friendlier version of rabies. Okay, maybe you don’t want fans with actual rabies, because that is actually a very serious and usually fatal virus, but nevermind. Our (totally rabies-free) team can lend a hand with your social media and community-management efforts in a bunch of different ways, so read on to find out what we can do for you! If you have rabies or think someone you know has rabies, though, please see a doctor immediately.

What We Do

Everything. That’s what we do. Can we write that here? Good enough? No? Fiiiine.

We’re ready to jump in and help wherever you need it, whether that’s just helping to come up with ideas for social media campaigns, crafting tweets and animated GIFs to show off your oh-so-pretty game, or running it all for you, so you can focus on making the game. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Social Media

Social networks are some of the best places to attract and engage fans. By showcasing great content from your game, you can bring in a ton of attention on a grassroots level, which can yield future benefits in the form of influencer or press attention.

  • Audits suggest ways you can improve your existing presence
  • Brainstorming content ideas to best showcase your game and how it’s different
  • Content Creation, including videos and memes, to help you attract an audience and don’t end up in the “hey fellow kids” realm
  • Best Practices for different social platforms
  • Strategy Development and Long-Term Campaigns to help build and retain an audience from the start

Community Management

A passionate community may be your best marketing tool, and we can help build and support your fan family in a variety of ways. Give them insight into your game and company, answer fan inquiries, interact with them on various platforms, highlight fan creations, and keep it positive.

  • Embedding into your community, learning everything we can about your game, its players, community jokes, etc. so we can speak with the appropriate voice
  • Event Presence online or in the real world, coordinating or staffing booths, coming up with ideas, and more
  • Fan Engagement wherever you need it–Steam, Discord, whatever–to help answer fan inquiries and drive interaction
  • Community-Created Content Initiatives highlight fan submissions of social content (fanart, screenshots, cosplay, etc.)
  • Evangelist Programs using information, access to your team, or digital and physical materials can help you develop loyal fans
  • Crisis Management and Troll Whispering to help you resolve disputes, avoid toxic “fans,” and build friendly communities
  • Twitch/Stream Moderation allows you to focus on running the stream while we keep the chat entertained and engaged
  • Monitoring and Reports help to keep an eye on who’s talking about your game


Many developers and publishers–particularly in the indie space–vastly underestimate the effectiveness of advertising. Spending a bit of money on ads can help reach a wide audience, something that’s especially important when organic reach via social networks is at an all-time low. We can develop ad campaigns for just about any budget (seriously).

  • Paid Content Boosts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and more
  • Audience Targeting so you’re hitting relevant people, not serving ads about your M-rated game to toddlers
  • Ad Production, from concept development to copywriting to asset production and beyond
  • Ad Testing and Iteration to find the messages and assets that resonate (hey look, a buzzword!) with your audience
  • Traditional Advertising and Media Buying via online media outlets, magazines, or real-world locations
  • Reporting to summarize the impact of ad campaigns

Resource Centre

Free to use templates from the evolve community team

In an effort to knowledge share with the industry, and especially our fellow community folks in and around games, we’re building out some templates and listing them here. 

Your Worlds, our team.

Whether you just need strategic help or want us to execute everything, give us a shout.

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