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At Evolve, we’re committed to not sucking. If you’re someone who’s also interested in not sucking, and who has hobbies like… oh, playing video games, reading about the games industry, promoting video games, trying to understand why games still cost $60, etc., you might be interested in working for us!

Why work at Evolve?

Just because! Oh fine, you need more real reasons. How about…

  • Work from anywhere—home, the beach or even an alley. If your alley has internet.
  • Flexible work hours and a 35-hour work week. Focus on the “life” part of “work-life balance.”
  • Health and dental benefits.
  • Be part of an agency with an exceptional reputation, aiming to break free from traditional game marketing in creative and exciting ways.
  • Liberal vacation time: 3 weeks (15 biz days) minimum, plus Evolve Fridays: the second Friday of every month is a day off to enjoy time with friends, family, yourself… whatever!
  • Work on a wide range of games, from AAA blockbusters to underdog indies.
  • Educational allowance so you can get better at… well, whatever you’re doing.
  • Enjoy working on a small team, wearing various hats. No funny hats, though. Oh, who am I kidding? Wear whatever hat you want, you weirdo.
  • Pants optional.
  • We <3 diversity. If you’re holding back from applying because of your gender, background, or anything else… please fight through the discomfort and apply! 

Junior Web Developer –


Remote/Work From Home. You must be a legal resident of Canada, with a reliable internet connection and your own up-to-date PC/laptop.


Are you a developer who wants to get into a gaming job that isn’t necessarily making games? Evolve is looking for a versatile, ambitious, full-time developer to help us build into the leading tools suite for video game promotion. This is a great position for someone early in their career who’s excited about working in a startup environment within one of the industry’s premier marketing agencies, and who wants expand and learn a broad range of web-development skills.

You’ll wear many hats (all very cool and flattering hats, of course), and will be responsible for delivering all manner of projects, large and small. You’ll toy with front-end development, DevOps, databases, and more, and will work independently and as part of a team, proactively pushing your projects to completion.

This is a remote, work-from-home position in Canada. 

Experience & Skills

Nobody’s perfect, but the ideal candidate has many of the following traits and skills:

  • PHP (1+ year of experience)
  • AlpineJS or equivalent (1+ year of experience)
  • DevOps experience and/or interest in systems as a whole
  • An interest in building things from the ground up, and the focus to finish them.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. We’re a remote team, and it’s important that you can communicate your plans, projects, and work effectively.
  • Top-notch collaboration. This position involves working alongside our Terminals team, as well as the rest of the Evolve team, and you’ll need to be a strong team player. GO TEAM!
  • Deep interest in video games and the games industry. Bonus points if you also know lots about the gaming media and influencer landscape.
  • Exceptional organization and project management. This job requires keeping track of lots of different things—big and small. It’s literally impossible to keep it all in your head, so you need to be good at task management and organization.
  • Self-driven. While you’re working with a team, it’s still a remote gig. You need to be self-motivated and ready to drive projects forward, consistently.

Nice to Have

While we need someone who embodies the traits and skills above, it’s always nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Some areas of expertise we’d love to see among applicants include:

  • Analytics focus: You know about statistics, social media measurement, KPIs, etc. 
  • Graphic design chops: Since part of the job will be front-end/consumer facing, it’s certainly helpful if you can make things look pretty.

Ready to Apply?

We’re asking for a little info so we can get to know you better! Please send us the following to [email protected], citing the Junior Web Developer position.

  • Your resume/CV
  • Cover letter
  • A link to your GitHub account
  • Your favorite personal project
  • Your most challenging commercial project (if applicable)
  • Anything else you feel can convey your skills!

Public Relations Specialist / Senior PR Specialist


Remote/Work From Home. You must be a legal resident of Canada, with a reliable internet connection and your own up-to-date PC/laptop.


Evolve is looking for one or two mid-to-senior-level PR specialists to manage publicity campaigns for some of the best game developers and publishers in the world, from indie to AAA. We’re looking for people at the top of their game (hurr hurr, game pun), who thrive in an agency environment or who want to make the jump from in-house PR rep to tackle a wider range of projects. Ideal candidates not only love video games, but have experience promoting them, as well as communicating effectively with a range of people, including media, executives, developers, and influencers. Effective time management and exceptional organizational skills are crucial to success in an agency.

As the job titles indicate, we’re looking for either mid-career or senior-level applicants. It’s possible we’ll hire for each role, but if you have experience in video game PR, and the responsibilities below seem like your jam, please apply!


  • Drive strategic vision for client and product PR, shooting for the stars with creative and effective campaigns across a range of indie and AAA clients. (Emphasized in senior role)
  • Craft, pitch, and secure stories to get attention for clients and their games, aiming for both industry/enthusiast and mainstream coverage.
  • Write and edit announcements, interviews, fact sheets, and other PR materials.
  • Get to know content creators and streamers, and get them excited to play the games you work on.
  • Gain and retain your clients’ trust. You’ll cheer on their victories, provide strategic and tactical insight, and be willing to share bad news or reel in expectations when necessary.
  • Work with our PR and Insights teams to develop and implement leading-edge analytics, OKRs/KPIs, or whatever you want to call them. We see an opportunity to innovate here, not relying on traditional metrics but defining new standards in setting and monitoring goals/objectives for PR campaigns, leveraging extensive data produced internally and through (Emphasized in senior role)
  • Coordinate with our Community and Originals teams to develop holistic marketing campaigns, assets, social media content, and more.
  • Help us develop best practices, and aid in mentorship and training of junior staff. (Emphasized in senior role)
  • Uphold principles of kindness, inclusiveness, compassion, accountability and excellence.


Nobody’s perfect, but the ideal candidate has some combination of the following:

  • 2+ years experience planning and executing entertainment launches in a publicity role. 5+ would generally be encouraged for the senior position.
  • Strong relationships with video game, tech, and consumer media and influencers in North America (global experience is a big plus, as we work on a lot of international releases).
  • Natural storyteller, able to distill what makes a game, person, or company interesting and relevant to a given audience or to broader trends.
  • Exceptional project management and organizational capabilities. You understand what needs to be done to execute your plans, you stick to deadlines, and know how to communicate effectively when things go off the rails. (Emphasized in senior role)
  • Experience using cloud-based project management tools. We use ClickUp, but experience with Asana, Monday, Trello, etc. is likely also relevant.
  • You’re totally anal about details; you cringe when document formatting is a little bit off, when a small part of a tiny job isn’t done, when a name is spelled incorrectly, etc.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the video game and PR fields/industries, platforms, and trends.
  • Able to work on several projects at once, maintaining equanimity even when the world seems to be falling apart around you.
  • Experience developing and managing company presence at trade shows and conventions like PAX, E3, etc. You know how to go through the whole process of booking a booth, scripting demos, securing media appointments, media training, and so much more. You know. Trade show stuff. (Emphasized in senior role)
  • An excellent communicator—written and verbal—capable of talking to C-level executives as comfortably as to a random gamer on Twitter. Or X. Or whatever. Sigh.
  • Highly self-motivated, you’re a critical thinker with strong problem-solving skills.
  • Dedicated to excellence, you are a lifelong learner and maybe a bit anti-establishment. You read about PR and marketing, and are never content to maintain the status quo.

Ready to apply?

Send your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to [email protected], citing the PR Specialist position. If you want to be considered for the senior role, you may also want to highlight that.

    Tips For Applying

    1. Read the job description fully, and ensure you’re qualified. Sure, it’s nice to shoot for the stars, but if you have none of the qualifications, you may want to hold off on applying.
    2. We value creativity, so don’t feel like you need to come across as a corporate robot when applying.
    3. Make sure you’ve actually submitted the things that are required to apply!
    4. Sharing links to your relevant social media accounts is really helpful; saves us having to dig for them!
    5. We focus our hiring on Canadian residents, but if you’re exceptionally qualified, we’re happy to consider non-Canadian applicants on a contract basis. Just know that you wouldn’t be eligible for the same health/dental benefits as our staff in Canada. Taxes and logistics and all.


    One of us. One of Us.

    If you have questions about our jobs, feel free to reach out!

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