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In the bleak, distant future, the ruling Corporations of the Wastelands will use their proprietary technology to insert knowledge of–and desire for–the newest Corporation-approved games directly into the brains of mindless Consumers across the globe. Until that glorious day, though, you’ll need to rely on press, streamers, content creators, cosplayers, and all other people commonly referred to as “influencers” to help spread the word about your game! With 13+ years in business, and more than 20,000 gaming-focused contacts from around the world registered on our own Terminals.io platform, we can help. Glory to The Corporation.

What We Do

We’ve all been gaming since we were in diapers–some of us might once again be wearing diapers (we’re getting old)–and our knowledge and experience in the industry can help you out. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we promise you a no-bullshit relationship; we’ll tell you if your plans might hurt you, or if that announcement you want to make isn’t very newsworthy. We’ll work together to make it better.

If it’s about relating to the public, we do it, including organic and paid influencer campaigns, media relations, events, strategic planning, product-marketing consulting, physical press kits, crisis management, writing, and more.

Media Relations

In most cases, it will be in your game’s best interests to grab the attention of journalists and enthusiast press. We can help you figure out what makes your game interesting to media, how to convey that, and whom to pitch.

This is a good time to say that getting widespread press coverage isn’t always possible, and depending on your game, may not even be a good option. Still, if getting press coverage is the goal, here are a few ways we can get involved:

  • News and Asset Distribution
  • Reviews and Previews
  • Interviews
  • Event scheduling
  • Exclusive Reveals
  • Feature Stories
  • Press Tours
  • Writing and Copy Editing
  • Media Training and Demo Scripting

Influencer Relations

We’re not particularly fond of the term “influencers,” but it’s what everyone’s using, so we’ll roll with it. Streamers, content creators (formerly known as “YouTubers”), cosplayers, and other enthusiastic gamers with an audience are going to be crucial to the success of your game. As with press, it’s not as easy to get their attention as you think, but we’ll do our best to get your game in front of the right people.

  • Livestreams on Twitch, Mixer, Facebook
  • Let’s Plays
  • Event scheduling
  • Sponsored Streams and Content
  • Cosplay Contests and Guides
  • Creative Physical Press Kits
  • Custom Launch and Preview Events (Online or Real-World)

Marketing and Consulting

A ton of work goes into launching a game that has nothing to do with press releases and review keys, and we’ll lend our brand of friendly professionalism to all manner of marketing efforts. We’ll help nail down your key messages and write copy for your store pages, manage your presence at shows like E3 and, manage your advertising campaigns, and even buy you fried chicken! Wait… what? Fried chicken? Who wrote this?

  • Copywriting and editing
  • Event management and planning
  • Physical promotional products/press kits
  • Award, conference, and funding applications
  • Product lifecycle management/consulting

Some of our PR work

Here are just a couple of highlights of current and recent projects, though narrowing it down to just three games almost makes this section pointless! For all projects, best to visit Terminals.io.

Cyberpunk 2077

Having worked with CD PROJEKT RED since The Witcher 1, we’re thrilled to be involved in the company’s next big property.


11 bit studios and Digital Sun surprised the world with this charming action-RPG, selling more than 500k units in a matter of months!

Sega Genesis Mini

Our childhood selves lost their collective minds when we found out we’d be working on this amazing retro console.

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