A few months ago, a client came to us asking if we had any pointers on starting a streaming account for their game. What platform should they use? How often should they stream? Does their host need blue hair? If you’re a publisher or dev looking to get into streaming, you probably have the same or very similar questions.

And you may even look like this stock photo gamer guy while asking those questions.

I was tasked with giving them these pointers, and while I could have simply covered a few of the basics, I instead built a near-obsessive slideshow covering the ins-and-outs of starting, promoting, and running a stream.

That slideshow has morphed over the past several weeks into the document we’re linking to here. 

I’ll soon be 29, and while I’m not quite old enough to place a bowl of caramel candies on my coffee table, I do remember when controllers had a three-foot cord and you had to blow into a game before playing it. Streaming is a fresh development in my gaming journey, and something that was admittedly a bit alien to me before I entered the industry.

I used my previous knowledge of the topic, new research, and the feedback of my peers to craft this guide. It was ultimately a fulfilling process, and I hope you have an equally fulfilling experience in reading it and plotting your own grandiose (or simple) streaming plans.  

Click here for the guide.

It covers how to set up, run, and generate attention for your spiffy new stream.  

Feel free to share this guide with your industry pals, and hit us up on Twitter if you have any suggestions.

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