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Ah, what a great vacation that was. So relaxing. I can still hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the white, sandy beach, tropical birds singing their alluring songs in the lush forest behind me. I really meant to update the blog from my cabana, but the resort was...

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PR Shorts: The pitch

It's time for another entertaining installment of PR Shorts, our highly informative -- if somewhat basic and embarrassingly infrequent -- look at a particular aspect of this job we do. Today I'll discuss the daunting task of pitching a journalist. The last PR Short...

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The changing face of PR

“Public relations” isn’t “media relations,” folks. The definition of PR seems to have moved away from its literal meaning — relating to and interacting with the public. If I focus my attention on individuals — or any number of “second-tier” websites and blogs (or third-tier or fourth-tier or even the guy who only gets 3 hits a year) — I can reach a massive audience. Those individuals appreciate even a moment of your time — particularly if you’re working for a company they adore — and will become extensions of your PR efforts (not necessarily your media efforts, of course), telling their friends, Twitter followers, and everyone else about your company and its products. They want to help you succeed. Let them do that. It just takes a bit of your time.

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PR Shorts: The press release

I'm going to try to put together a series of brief posts about PR practices, and thanks to my current diet of cold medication and coffee the best name I could come up with is PR Shorts. I know that sounds like a pair of cut-off jeans that will never give you a...

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Treevenge: Awesome

This video is too funny for words. Fun to see some of the Trailer Park Boys alums, including the host of Jonovision (if you live in Canada and are between the ages of, I dunno, 24 and 28, you are the only people who know wtf Jonovision is), but the baby squashing...

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Reverb infiltrating the App Store?

Here's a bit of deception to kick off your Monday (though the story was posted on Saturday, and it's already evening today... so if your day is just kicking off... lay off the booze, buddy): MobileCrunch has tossed up a rather intriguing article alleging that Reverb,...

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PR: Controlling the Media Nation

"I was reviewing a big, anticipated game in a well-known, successful franchise from a top-tier publisher. It'd gotten plenty of slobbery preview coverage from ours and other outlets in the months previous, but the final game was inescapably mediocre. So I gave it the...

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Firey blood dragons, unite!

How about a little quickie on branding? Dragon Age: Origins (not sure why Dragon Age didn't work out on its own) and Guild Wars 2 are two fairly highly anticipated entries in the fantasy-RPG space. So how could they possibly end up with such similar branding? I have...

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I don’t have to take this, man. It’s total bullshot.

Throughout a game’s PR and marketing campaign, the publisher or developer needs to create promotional screenshots to show off a game’s visuals. It’s important to note that the final polishing of a game — those extra steps that take the game to final quality — often isn’t done until the last few months of the project. That will vary, of course, from one game to another, as some teams may aim to be “art complete” much earlier in development. Anyway, these shots will usually be created with whatever game content is available — so if a game is being announced two years before its release date, there’s a good chance that the aforementioned game content is not final, only partially available or completely non-existent.

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I’m a pooet, and I never even knew it.

Okay, so I'm really just reaching for more opportunities to whip out the ol' elephant-butt header. I've been known to do some writing here and there, and since it pains me so to actually come up with interesting PR-related posts on a daily basis, I thought it would be...

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Video Games Are Dead, or It’s All a Big Lie

Just finished watching the second part of Mr. Scott Steinberg's video doohickey, Video Games are Dead, which he's posted over at Digital Trends (Part 1). I've got some thoughts on the whole thing. (Video after the jump) I think the video offers a fascinating look at...

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Blacklisting. It happens, and it’s dumb.

The seedy underbelly of the games industry exposes itself. When a journalist goes rebels and does something as recklessly disrespectful and anti-gaming as write a negative article about a game or publisher, a lot of PR reps and executives forget that golden rule and do something so unimaginably dumb in times of duress that I just can’t wrap my batshit insane head around it: they put that journalist on their blacklist.

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