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Nerds Against Bad Kiddie Games Present a New JUJU Trailer

Hey, nerds are parents too. You cut your chops on all-night FPS marathons, brutal platformers, and hardcore raids. Now, you have a little one that wants to join the fun and you’re staring with dread at a bargain bin of terrible kiddie games. JUJU can help. JUJU was created because the developers…

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JUJU Jumps Onto Consoles and PC – New Trailer

Not every platformer has to cater to the uber-hardcore. While JUJU has plenty of challenge up its sleeve (er…fur?) at all skill-levels, it’s all about having fun and making you smile with classic gameplay, excellent co-op, and imaginative worlds. JUJU debuts today, December 9, on PlayStation 3 (PSN), and comes to Xbox…

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Secret Ponchos Riding onto PS4 Today – Free with PS+

Secret Ponchos, the stylish, Wild West PvP shooter from Switchblade Monkeys, is available today on PlayStation 4, free to PlayStation Plus members during the month of December. Check out the trailer below. Inspired by fighting games and spaghetti westerns, Secret Ponchos is a top-down, PvP shooter featuring a dangerous cast of outlaws,…

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Secret Ponchos Coming to PS4, December 2, for FREE

It’s always high noon around these parts. Secret Ponchos, the stylish Wild West PvP shooter from Switchblade Monkeys, is coming to PlayStation 4 on December 2, and during the month it will be FREE to PlayStation Plus members. Check below for some brand new screenshots of gameplay. Inspired by fighting games and…

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JUJU Release Date, Xbox 360 Announcement, and New Screens

Flying Wild Hog has announced a new system and release date for JUJU, the upcoming platformer with a cooperative twist that makes it perfect for all skill-levels. JUJU will be available December 9 & 10 as a digital download on PlayStation 3 (PSN), PC (Steam), and now Xbox 360 (XBLA). In this…

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GOG.com’s Big Fall Sale Begins with Free Mount & Blade

I hope you left some room in your game library, because starting today, GOG.com is offering up a ton of excellent deals with its Big Fall Sale, including freebies like Mount & Blade and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It’s the biggest GOG.com sale since summer: 700+ games up to 90%…

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Disney Interactive and GOG.com Join Forces to Release Classic Lucasfilm Games

There are no games in the world — save, perhaps, Shining Force II — that I remember with greater fondness than LucasArts’ classics, like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Fate of Atlantis, Sam & Max and so on. Well, HOLLA!!!!! Six Titles from Lucasfilm’s Star Wars™, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island and Sam & Max…

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Get Dirty With the Riders of MX vs. ATV Supercross – Full Roster

Just a few more days (5 to be precise, but who’s counting) until the release of MX vs. ATV Supercross on October 28 – time to take a look at all the Motocross stars and legends you’ll be competing against in the game. A total of 65 of the world’s best riders…

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Deathtrap Early Access Teaser

Coming to Steam Early Acesss on October 22 for PC and Mac, Deathtrap pits you against hordes of monsters (or even other players) in a mix of tower-defense and action-RPG. Deathtrap is scheduled for release in Q1 2015 (PC, Mac) and is also heading to Xbox One and PS4. Check out the…

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Doug McGrave is a Jerk – The Weaponographist Announced

Following the successful launch of Concursion, indie initiative Puuba and British publishing house Mastertronic announce they are joining forces again to bring the crazed, rogue-lite combat of The Weaponographist to your PC. The Weaponographist is a high-speed, dangerous dungeon-crawler starring Doug McGrave; famous demon hunting bad boy for hire. Highest level, bestest…

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