So you’ve found a game you are dying to make content for, you’ve hunted down the correct PR person and you’re about to send off an email to request a code. But wait! PR agents get tons of messages requesting codes every day and each of these messages needs to be verified to make sure codes are going to people who will actually use them. All these requests take time to sort through which means it can take time to get to yours. So what can you do to help us get through these requests as quickly as possible and get a code in your hand sooner?

Be Easily Verifiable:

 Whether you are signing up on or emailing a PR agent directly, one of the first things we do is verify that you are who you’re claiming to be. There are some easy things you can do to verify your identity. If you are a journalist using your outlet’s domain address for your email is the easiest way for us to confirm your identity.

Notice that the email address and site domain match.

 If you are a content creator your email address should be easy to find, either on your channel page, twitter, or even better, BOTH!

Ignore the obvious twitter plug and focus on the email neatly listed at the bottom.


 On top of having your email easily available, connecting your various social accounts can also help speed up the verification process. Not only does this help us verify your identity it also helps us contact you with opportunities for games we think you would enjoy.

Make Your Content Easy to Find:

 After we verify you are who you say you are we check to make sure your content is relevant to the code you are requesting, and that you actually produce content at all. It is important to make sure that any content you produce is easy to find. VODs should be saved and if possible not behind a subscription. If you are a journalist, having all your writing in one easy to find place is a great idea. Being able to see your content history means we can verify that you are consistent and reliable when it comes to sticking to a schedule and providing coverage. We have limited keys to give away and it is important that we make sure the keys will be put to good use.

 So now your email is easily verifiable, your content history is available and consistent, and the PR agent is in a much better mood because this process was easy. If you’re signing up for to request a code we have a handy-dandy tutorial right here. And if you are sending an email to directly to a PR agent we have a few tips for you too.

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