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  • JUJU box art cropped
    Hey, nerds are parents too. You cut your chops on all-night FPS marathons, brutal platformers, and hardcore raids. Now, you have a little one that wants to join the fun and you're staring with dread at a bargain bin of terrible kiddie games. JUJU can help. JUJU was created because...
  • JUJU box art cropped
    Not every platformer has to cater to the uber-hardcore. While JUJU has plenty of challenge up its sleeve (er...fur?) at all skill-levels, it's all about having fun and making you smile with classic gameplay, excellent co-op, and imaginative worlds. JUJU debuts today, December 9, on PlayStation 3 (PSN), and comes...
  • Splash_HangingTree_582
    Secret Ponchos, the stylish, Wild West PvP shooter from Switchblade Monkeys, is available today on PlayStation 4, free to PlayStation Plus members during the month of December. Check out the trailer below. Inspired by fighting games and spaghetti westerns, Secret Ponchos is a top-down, PvP shooter featuring a dangerous cast...
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