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We could probably just put one phrase on this page: “Getting the job done.” But really, we’d be awful salesmen if we did that, and we’d look more than a little lazy. But the fact is that, because we’re not stuck in some stuffy, boring agency, we can do whatever we damn well please.

Evolve PR prides itself on being able to work on nearly any budget, so whether you’re a AAA studio looking for an incredible PR campaign or an indie developer that just wants some help getting a game reviewed by the press, we can help.

If you’re ready to work with Evolve, just email us!

Media, Blogger and YouTube Relations

We have great relationships with media in the games industry and outside of it, and we’ll make sure your game gets seen by the types of people that your game should be seen by. From the mightiest YouTube star to the editor-in-chief of that totally awesome video game site we just won’t name here for fear of upsetting the other ones, we’ll help you get exposure for your game. Find out more.

Video and Trailer Production

If you’re trying to promote a game, you’re going to need some video. Whether you want a bitchin’ trailer (do kids still say “bitchin'”?) or a simple gameplay video, our in-house video-production team can help. And this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but our video prices are actually quite reasonable. It’s a novel concept, we know. Find out more.

Community Management and Social Media

Know that scene in that zombie movie where the zombies really want to eat brains? Imagine those zombies were gamers and the “brains” were your game. You need to build a legion of unstoppable, rabid zombie-like fans if you want to ensure long-term success in the business. We’ll help you by laying out community-building strategies and engaging with gamers on social media and elsewhere. Find out more.

Game Consultation and Mock Reviews

You don’t spend what has been a very long time in the industry without knowing a thing or two about games. Our team is comprised of people who’ve played games, promoted games and written about games since long before the word “Xbox” was even in the vernacular, and we’ll help you with mock reviews, product positioning and other feedback that will ensure your game is ready to be eaten by zombies. Okay, enough with the zombies already. Find out more.

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