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About Evolve PR

We promote video games. That’s… uhh… really all we do. Umm… errr… yeah.

But since you probably want a little more info than that, let’s continue with the usual “here’s who we are and here’s why we’re just so great you absolutely want to work with us” thing. Evolve is an industry-leading gaming agency that works with developers and publishers of all shapes and sizes at every stage of development and throughout the promotional cycle. We’ve had the great fortune of working with some of the best developers and games around, including 11 bit studios, Adult Swim Games, CD PROJEKT RED, Compulsion Games, Epic Games, Focus Home Interactive, Gearbox Software, Hinterland Studios, Larian Studios, Techland, and… ah, the list goes on and on. If you’re still reading, you are pretty great, too… that was a long list, and I wouldn’t blame you for zoning out a little.

Our driving purpose is to help developers and publishers at every stage of development, to ensure that their games are as good as they can be and that they reach the right players. That might mean traditional media relations — we have great relationships with press around the world (not just in the US) — or teaming up with content creators on YouTube and Twitch, through whom we’ve delivered tens of millions of video views to clients in just months. We’ll help you build a community; we’ll help you figure out what makes your game unique; we’ll help you put together a great game trailer that makes people say, “gosh darnit, that game looks like a fine time;” and we’ll even help with advertising and social media efforts.

Basically: we promote video games. We already said that.

Need more details?

Hit the Services page. Ready to work with us? Contact newbiz@evolve-pr.com, hit us up on Twitter, or just yell really loud… we may hear you, but we’d recommend the first two options.

We also share a lot of our thoughts and best practices for video game PR on our blog. Reading this stuff might make you like us, even though we’ve been a bit silent on the blogging front of late.

If you don’t like our style, we can recommend a number of other freelancers and agencies that have similar ethical standards, like Maverick PR and Sandbox Strategies. Hit us up for more recommendations, and if you’re an agency that works with games, email us and we can include you here, too.

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