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Inside PR – The Mass Effect 3 Ending

It's not uncommon for people to have absolutely no clue what PR reps do. I thought that it might be informative and mildly entertaining to talk about what happens behind the scenes by looking at industry news from a PR perspective. Today's Inside PR takes a look at...

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Help us kick the crap out of crappy PR.

This morning I shot out a questionnaire to everyone registered on our media list (not on there? Have you completely ignored my repeated pleas?!), as we continue our efforts to improve PR in an industry that has gone a bit stagnant (on the PR/marketing front... the...

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Evolve Roundtable: Looking Ahead to 2012

We like prognosticating as much as anyone does and 2012 is either going to be a big year or the demise of us all as the Mayan prophecy comes true. No one at Evolve took the Mayan option, so here's what we're looking forward to in the new year. Tom Ohle, Director 2012...

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For Your Consideration – End-of-Year Awards

Aight people. It's that time of year when "wtf?!?" and "what were they smoking?" become standard questions among fanboy gamers around the world. It's awards season! In hopes of avoiding situations where deserving games are entirely overlooked in end-of-year-awards...

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