I’ll admit right off the top this is mostly a personal campaign I picked up many years ago when I was working with newly formed independent game studios and helping them to develop short and medium term business development strategies. That said, after meandering through the investment side, the studio side and now the agency side of the industry I feel like this concept of a ‘one pager’ can be extended to just about all types of professionals and companies. In this blog specifically I’m making the case for content creators and writers to hop on the bandwagon. 

What is a One Pager

Some people call it a fact sheet, some build out a whole presentation deck instead, but I believe there is a time and a place for studios, publishers, content creators, and freelancers / consultants all to have a distillation of the product or service(s) they are focusing on. It’s almost like a hybrid between a pitch deck (which is too big!) a business card (which is too small!) and a CV (which is too human-personal-based!). It is the core information about the product or service and simple enough for decision makers to quickly digest. 

See the possibilities?

Studios typically will bring these to meetings with publishers, platform holders, and other potential business partners. Content creators though, could do something very similar when meeting with potential sponsorship partners, agencies, and developers or publishers. Freelance writers could have one pagers outlining the important information related to mock reviews and those kinds of consulting services that agencies like ours look for.

With that said, here’s the general idea.

The One Pager for Content Creators

Imagine this:

A single page that has the following kind information about one’s channel(s):

  • Name and branding
  • Type and style of content created
  • Preferred genres and platform(s)
  • Broad audience and community demographics 
  • Identifiers like being family friendly or inclusive
  • Personality and channel tone and voice
  • Channel stats and metrics
  • Pricing and deliverables for sponsorships
  • Contact information

Make it pretty, save it as a PDF, and voilà next time someone like, say, a PR agency does a call out you’re ready to go.

The One Pager for Freelance Writers

Another group of people we typically work with are writers providing mock review type services. Similarly, there is basic information that would be very helpful to provide right up front.

A single page that outlines:

  • Name and country 
  • Gaming platforms available
  • Preferred genres or types of games
  • Link(s) to portfolio pieces
  • Outline of services available
  • Pricing 
  • Contact information

Make it pretty, save it as a PDF, and voilà next time someone like, say, a PR agency does a call out you’re ready to go.

Generally speaking I think these are useful to develop in terms of brand building, business development, and simplifying the process of potentially working with partners.

So… what do you think? Willing to give it a go?

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