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I’m not an ass… just a little behind.

Two months after his last performance the handsome stranger returned to center stage to share more enthralling stories about his highly enviable career. The audience erupted in excitement, tossing a seemingly endless cascade of roses at the unheralded hero and...

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E3 Trailer-Go-Round Part 1

Everybody who's anybody in the games industry -- me being the most obvious exception -- is at E3 in LA this week, shoveling their wares or having wares shoveled into them. As hoped, a lot of companies saved some big announcements and content for the show, and I'm here...

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I’m back! Alright!

I don't have a lot more to say, though. I just got back from vacation... a week ago... and uhh... now I'm getting ready for the weekend. Next week the entire industry is off at E3 and I'll be stuck at home, aka not at E3, and I can't wait to see how the show goes......

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The evolution of PR and Gaming

Some observations on the evolution of PR over the course of the past 12 years. - Thank goodness for electronic image acceptance. Slides were a real bitch to have to deal with for everyone involved. This is probably the biggest step that’s been made in recent history...

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Social Media Roundtable 2: Still no furniture in sight

Three more luminaries have tossed their opinions into the mix, and those are collected here for your reading pleasure. It’s still not actually a roundtable… more like a trough. A trough of knowledge. So step up to the trough, little piggies (yes, still got swine flu on the brain) and suck up this nutritious opinion.

Again, the question posed was, “In your experience, how has the emergence and growth of social media and social networking affected or changed the way companies interact with their customers?”

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Monkeys and PR

Is PR so simple a monkey could do it? Futurama’s Gunther surely could, Clyde (I know he’s an orangutan) could probably get press for anything, beyond that, probably only a handful of other monkeys come to mind. What does that mean for our profession? Well, thanks to...

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McDonald’s McLaunches McCafe… can it McSucceed?

So today the mighty M is launching its McCafé brand in the US (I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to savor the flavors up here in Canada), bringing “quality espresso-based coffee” to its restaurants nationwide. They’re trying to take a bite (or gulp, if you will) out of the lucrative coffee market dominated by the likes of Starbucks and whatever other local mega-chain you have around your parts. Will it work, though?

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Crisis communications, or: “Holy shit, this sucks.”

You see, the state of the economy is to blame for some layoffs we had to make at CD Projekt RED — we didn’t have to fire hundreds or thousands of people like a lot of other companies did, but nevertheless we were affected. Those layoffs spawned at least one disgruntled employee who felt the need to reach out to media to expose what was/is a very fragile situation in the development of The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf.

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What do you want from me?!

I’d like to make sure that this lil ol’ blog is useful not only to us as a vehicle of shameless self-promotion, but to you readers as a source of information. So… what the hell do you want from us? I’d like to get your feedback on the types of content you’d like to see, subjects you’d like covered, etc.

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Everyone likes bacon, but nobody likes swine flu? UPDATED

It’s no secret — me likey pork. Whether in chop form, thicker chop form, bacon, ham, you name it — I’ll probably enjoy it. But now this whole swine flu thing is giving pigs a bad rap. Now, nevermind kooky theories that this flu may be some zombie version of the 1918 Spanish flu that nearly toppled Europe, but it’s about time for pigs to hire a PR agency or some marketing consultants to sort this whole thing out. Pigs — with the assistance of communicators — could do a few things in this situation:

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The Value of a Good PR Junket

In light of Tom Ohle's fine new blog, I started thinking about the value of the PR junket, of which I have attended several thousand. One must wonder, is there any value in the PR junket? The three-day trip to Europe? The two-day soiree in Mexico? Are video game...

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