Let’s face it: video game marketing hasn’t always been the best. We have to get people excited about products that are half-finished (or just a twinkle in the designer’s eye); we have to deal with development delays that throw our well-planned campaigns out of whack; we have to find odd ways to break through the noise in a ridiculously crowded market, and so on. This leads a lot of well-meaning PR and marketing practitioners to do stupid things, alienate audiences, piss off their “friends” in the media or otherwise suck in various ways.

At Evolve, we like to think that we try to do the best job possible, with integrity. But there’s always room for improvement. So we ask this one simple question:

How can video game PR improve in 2014? I’m not necessarily looking for feedback about what Evolve can do as an agency — though I’m happy to hear about that, too — rather what sort of practices and such we can improve upon as a collective industry.

Post your feedback in the comments, or email me at tom(at)evolve-pr.com. Or tweet me. Or whatever… send a cat with the message shaved on its back. I’m not picky.

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