Oh boy… whoever decided that two of the industry’s biggest trade shows should be within a week of each other needs a serious talking-to. Regardless, Evolve PR will be at PAX East and GDC, and more importantly, our clients will be there. This is a great chance to see what’s coming up in 2013 and beyond as we present you some of the best and most interesting games from independent developers around the world. We have action, we have strategy, and we have adventure on a wide range of platforms.

Are you a developer who wants to meet with Evolve at GDC or PAX East? Email us.

Yeah, by the end of the month all you media types will be tired with the cross-country flights and the late night partying. But before you get all tuckered out from the fun, you have to make time to see what Evolve in store for you.

Evolve at PAX East

Troy’s off to PAX East in Boston, March 22 to March 24, 2013.

11 bit studios – Anomaly 2

The fine folks at 11 bit studios will be showing off Anomaly 2, the sequel to the award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth. It’s tower offense taken to the next level as you steer your commander and his team through even more dangerous alien towers. Play the game, talk to the devs. Should be as relaxing as an alien incursion can possibly get.

Location: Booth 1053
Duration: Up to 30 minutes

Interceptor Entertainment – Rise of the Triad

Play Rise of the Triad multiplayer. That’s pretty much all you need to know, right? Interceptor and Apogee are bringing the classic FPS back using Unreal Engine 3. There’s been a lot of enthusiasm for this remake and you should schedule an appointment while you can.

Location: EVGA/ DigitalStorm booth #172
Duration: Up to 30 minutes

Switchblade Monkeys – Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos is an unstoppable mash-up of genres and influences that pits players against each other in intense Wild West combat. Scheduled for release on consoles later this year, it is a colorful spaghetti-western themed action game that will have you on the edge of your sofa.

Location: Booth 1031
Duration: Up to 30 minutes

Witching Hour – Ravenmark: Mercenaries

The developers of the acclaimed iOS strategy game, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, are back with their new multiplayer title Ravenmark: Mercenaries. You get some hands-on time with a sequel that adds many things people have been asking for – like the ability to field an army of your own design.

Location: Booth 128
Duration: Up to 30 minutes

Now on to GDC

And now for the Games Developer Conference, San Francisco, March 25 to March 29

11 bit studios – Anomaly 2

Get your hands on Anomaly 2 (PC, Mac, Linux), the upcoming sequel to the Apple Design Award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth. Talk to the team.

Location: Westin Hotel, 50 Third Street
Duration: Up to 30 minutes, from Mar 25 at 3pm through March 29.

Daedalic – Lots of Awesomeness

German developer/publisher Daedalic has been tearing up the adventure-game scene for a while, with their hit Deponia breaking 300k sales worldwide. Check out their 2013 lineup, featuring The Night of the Rabbit, Alcatraz 1954, Memoria, Goodbye Deponia and some unannounced awesomeness as the company begins to tackle cross-platform development outside the adventure genre.

Location: The Intercontinental Hotel, 888 Howard Street, Suite 2020 Monday through Friday, and on the show floor at the German Pavilion Block 1614 from Wednesday through Friday
Duration: Up to 30 minutes per game

DICE+ from Game Technologies

This isn’t a game… it’s an innovative electronic die that brings some group play back to tablets and other devices. We’ll have some more news about DICE+ in the next few days, but if you’re interested in gadgets that make gaming more fun, this thing is cooool.

Location: Where you want
Duration: Up to 30 minutes, from Wednesday through Friday

Nival – Prime World and PW: Defenders

It’s been a long time since we last talked about Prime World, the MOBA/strategy game for PC that’s been lighting up Russian gamers (“Best Russian Game” winner) and is gearing up for launch worldwide in the coming months. Meet with the team and check out the latest version to see why Prime World is more than just another DOTA-clone. You can also learn more about Defenders, a tower defense game with lots of color and fireworks.

Location: TBD
Duration: Up to 30 minutes, from Wednesday through Friday

Witching Hour – Ravenmark: Mercenaries

The developers of the much-loved Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion are back with a new multiplayer game for iOS/mobile devices, and they’ll be on hand at GDC to show it off (and let you play).

Location: Wherever you want; it’s mobile
Duration: Up to 30 minutes, from Wednesday through Friday


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