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Category Archives: Events

Looking Back (and Forward) to TwitchCon

Having just completed its third year, TwitchCon has weathered some initial growing pains and appears to be regular fixture in the convention scene. Evolve PR has had a presence at each event, and we wanted to provide some insight from the perspective of an exhibitor showcasing a game. And, even though the…

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What Makes a Great Convention Demo?

So you’ve announced your game. Maybe you even released an awesome, not-shit trailer that got a lot of views on YouTube. But unless your game is part of a blockbuster franchise, most attendees at your convention of choice probably haven’t heard about it. Those who walk up to your booth will most…

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Pros & Cons: Should You Expect Appointments and Coverage at GDC and PAX?

Convention season is an unruly beast, and even with years of experience under our collective belts here at Evolve PR, events are always something of a hassle: is it worth our time to chase after appointments with media, streamers, and YouTubers? Should we focus our attention on one group? Is it worth…

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The Evolve PR Guide to Getting the Most Out of E3 for Media, Streamers, and Content Creators

In the coming months, we’re going to present a series of tips and guides about various parts of this wondrous industry, focused on helping media and content creators–new and established–to work with PR (or developers and publishers in general) more effectively. Some of it may seem elementary to folks who’ve been doing…

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The Evolve PR Scavenger Hunt at PAX East 2017

We always like to try out new things–new ways to help streamers, media, and… well… whoever get the most out of their time at events. PAX can be an overwhelming experience, with so many games to play, and all those shiny lights. It can be hard to figure out what’s worth playing.…

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