So You Wanna Join Video Game PR

So You Wanna Join Video Game PR

As I settle down to write this blog post, the unique situation I find myself in isn’t entirely lost on me. A mere two months ago I was driving a city bus for a living while juggling my side project of running a well-established video game media website. Now, I find...

We’re hiring. You’re excited.

We need help! Not mental, emotional or financial help… no, we need more people to do PR! If you want to help promote some awesome games with fantastic clients, hit our Jobs page and take a look at two positions we want to fill!

I’m not an ass… just a little behind.

Two months after his last performance the handsome stranger returned to center stage to share more enthralling stories about his highly enviable career. The audience erupted in excitement, tossing a seemingly endless cascade of roses at the unheralded hero and...