Two months after his last performance the handsome stranger returned to center stage to share more enthralling stories about his highly enviable career. The audience erupted in excitement, tossing a seemingly endless cascade of roses at the unheralded hero and shouting, “Bravo! Bravo! Encore!” before he had even muttered a single word.

Or something like that. I really don’t like being in the position of having to apologize for a lack of updates… so I won’t. Forget it, you jerk; you’ll get no apologies from me. Truth is that all of the EoPR contributors are incredibly busy people, so getting everyone to commit to regular updates has proven a bit more difficult than initially expected. In light of that, I’m going to repurpose this blog a bit.

I’ll still welcome updates from the “outsiders,” but I’m going to essentially turn this into the official site for Evolve PR, a.k.a. this guy. I’ll keep posting random thoughts, stuff that catches my eye and whatever else I feel like… but I’ll probably also push some of the work I’m doing. Over the next few days I’ll be fleshing out content on the site and rearranging stuff, so your patience is appreciated.

I can’t guarantee I’ll update the site as often as I should, but when I do it’ll be magical. Pure, unadulterated awesomesauce. Or something like that. I promise. Maybe.

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