Social media, what a drag. A time sink. A whirly-pop. A never-ending torrent of change and fleeting content trends. How could it be harder? No. What if we had something that made it easier?

Well, you’re in luck. We do! Here’s a cost effective way to brainstorm, schedule, and set up an approval process for your social content. All in one place! Introducing Evolve’s 2023 Social Media Content Calendar template

(ICYMI, we’ve released a Contact-Database Template for all your outreach needs, and a Social Media Asset Guideline for 2023 that covers all major social channels!)

Our free tool is convenient for social media specialists, community managers, and asset creators to coordinate copy and content, all in one place.

Now, how do you use this thing?


The brainstorm tab is where both random shower thoughts live, and a great place to get your game’s assets and unique selling points down in one place.

Put your game’s design document to work in this space. Organize your in-game assets and think about how you might want to use them over your social campaign. Renders, concept art, attack animations, fun bugs, it’s all potential content, baby!

Title and tag your content for easy sorting. Use column A for any additional delineation needed.


The Monthly Tabs are where you’ll put your scheduled social content. We’ve highlighted a number of special events and dates that might help with crafting topical content and assets. You’ll want to keep an ever-watchful eye out for events you can leverage, like a surprise Xbox reveal or a stunning soccer victory, so don’t depend on the pre-loaded dates too much!  Keep an eye out for ways you can edit your copy and assets appropriately.

  • Columns D – G mark which platforms this content is destined for. Feel free to edit in the data validation tab as needed!
  • Columns M – O  help the approval process between multiple stakeholders. 
  • Column Q is a space for silent reflection. What went well, what didn’t?

That’s it! Why complicate things? Template here.

Questions? DM us on Twitter (@evolve_pr) or send an email to [email protected].

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