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Category Archives: Total BS

Help us kick the crap out of crappy PR.

This morning I shot out a questionnaire to everyone registered on our media list (not on there? Have you completely ignored my repeated pleas?!), as we continue our efforts to improve PR in an industry that has gone a bit stagnant (on the PR/marketing front… the games just keep getting better). In…

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Evolve Roundtable: Looking Ahead to 2012

We like prognosticating as much as anyone does and 2012 is either going to be a big year or the demise of us all as the Mayan prophecy comes true. No one at Evolve took the Mayan option, so here’s what we’re looking forward to in the new year. Tom Ohle, Director…

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Rating Descriptor Showdown: Witcher 2 vs. L.A. Noire

On May 17 I’m going to be going totally crazy, because not only will I be busy with The Witcher 2 launch, but I’ll be trying to focus on work instead of L.A. Noire, which is also supposed to come out that day. Now, both games should be awesome and garner wonderful…

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Blast From the Past: Dungeon Siege Live-Action Promo Vids

Was just reminiscing about the good ol’ days, when social media didn’t really exist and I was really just getting started in the freelance PR biz. Went ahead and tracked down some videos we put together to promote Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony for PSP. Yes, this was a time when people…

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The Good Publicist

You’ll have to pardon me if I go off on a few tangents here. This whole thing was sparked by some lovely chats I had with some other PR folk last night. Here I sit, perched high above the streets of San Francisco in a swank Japanese theme hotel that I couldn’t…

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Off to GDC I go! Tomorrow.

Keeping with the tradition of highly frequent blog updates, here’s another highly frequent blog update! I’m heading to San Francisco tomorrow for the illustrious Game Developers Conference, a show that brings together loads of game-industry folks and those who would someday very much like to be game-industry folks for a few days…

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Treevenge: Awesome

This video is too funny for words. Fun to see some of the Trailer Park Boys alums, including the host of Jonovision (if you live in Canada and are between the ages of, I dunno, 24 and 28, you are the only people who know wtf Jonovision is), but the baby squashing…

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I’m a pooet, and I never even knew it.

Okay, so I’m really just reaching for more opportunities to whip out the ol’ elephant-butt header. I’ve been known to do some writing here and there, and since it pains me so to actually come up with interesting PR-related posts on a daily basis, I thought it would be a good idea…

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Video Games Are Dead, or It’s All a Big Lie

Just finished watching the second part of Mr. Scott Steinberg’s video doohickey, Video Games are Dead, which he’s posted over at Digital Trends (Part 1). I’ve got some thoughts on the whole thing. (Video after the jump) I think the video offers a fascinating look at changes happening in the games industry…

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I’m not an ass… just a little behind.

Two months after his last performance the handsome stranger returned to center stage to share more enthralling stories about his highly enviable career. The audience erupted in excitement, tossing a seemingly endless cascade of roses at the unheralded hero and shouting, “Bravo! Bravo! Encore!” before he had even muttered a single word.…

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