This morning I shot out a questionnaire to everyone registered on our media list (not on there? Have you completely ignored my repeated pleas?!), as we continue our efforts to improve PR in an industry that has gone a bit stagnant (on the PR/marketing front… the games just keep getting better).

In case you aren’t yet on our media list and still want to contribute, I’ve included it here. Feel free to email responses to tom(at), or if you’re really excited and want to share your opinions with the world, just post in the comments. Maybe you want to email them, though. And feel free to share the link with your colleagues.

Hit the jump for the thingy!

Okay, we all know that PR in the games industry has become a bit… bleh. Endless cycles of pre-release hype to get you psyched about a game that turns out to be little more than a big-budget turd. We see you on Twitter, complaining about some boneheaded thing a PR rep did. Well, now’s your chance to tell the world – anonymously or not.

How can we improve PR in the games industry?

We’ve included a few questions below. I’ll be pulling together a blog post (or series of posts) and some internal documentation using the responses, to help our staff and other PR reps in the industry do a better job. We would greatly appreciate your responses. Get them back to me however you can – in-line, copy-pasted somewhere else, whatever.

1. What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to PR reps?

2. What do you think of press releases? How are they helpful, and how could they be improved?

3. How do you like to be pitched? Email, phone, Twitter, Facebook? Anywhere you hate being pitched?

4. How do you like to receive assets? FTP, single download link (i.e. Dropbox), webpage, carrier pigeons?

5. How do you feel about controlled PR events (i.e. review events, preview opps alongside 30 other media, etc.)?

6. What sort of pitches do you like to receive? Have your preferences changed over time? If so, how?

7. How do you judge a game to be worth your time (and coverage)?

8. What can PR reps do better to secure coverage and/or make your life easier?

Can we use your name when we write up the responses?

Thanks so much for your time… we have big plans to improve the way we work, and you media types are pretty much the most important part of that. If you ever need anything, let me know via email, phone or Twitter. Peace!

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