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Category Archives: PR Pro Tips

How to Get Media Coverage For Your Game

We get a lot of emails from people who want some advice about video game PR. Here’s a tip: hire us, you cheap jerk! Sorry, sorry… it’s Monday, and I may be a bit cranky. Admittedly, we do like getting paid to dispense advice, but I guess there’s some value in sharing…

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The Case of the Great Game Nobody Saw

The games industry is a massive beast that churns out billions of dollars in revenue each year, much of which is generated by big-budget titles that become torchbearers for the medium itself: Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Mass Effect and so on. These games exude quality, with top-notch production values and…

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Stay on message. OR I’LL BEAT YOU GOOD.

Ah, what a great vacation that was. So relaxing. I can still hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the white, sandy beach, tropical birds singing their alluring songs in the lush forest behind me. I really meant to update the blog from my cabana, but the resort was having problems…

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PR Shorts: The pitch

It’s time for another entertaining installment of PR Shorts, our highly informative — if somewhat basic and embarrassingly infrequent — look at a particular aspect of this job we do. Today I’ll discuss the daunting task of pitching a journalist. The last PR Short touched on the press release, a vital weapon…

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The changing face of PR

“Public relations” isn’t “media relations,” folks. The definition of PR seems to have moved away from its literal meaning — relating to and interacting with the public. If I focus my attention on individuals — or any number of “second-tier” websites and blogs (or third-tier or fourth-tier or even the guy who only gets 3 hits a year) — I can reach a massive audience. Those individuals appreciate even a moment of your time — particularly if you’re working for a company they adore — and will become extensions of your PR efforts (not necessarily your media efforts, of course), telling their friends, Twitter followers, and everyone else about your company and its products. They want to help you succeed. Let them do that. It just takes a bit of your time.

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PR Shorts: The press release

I’m going to try to put together a series of brief posts about PR practices, and thanks to my current diet of cold medication and coffee the best name I could come up with is PR Shorts. I know that sounds like a pair of cut-off jeans that will never give you…

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PR: Controlling the Media Nation

“I was reviewing a big, anticipated game in a well-known, successful franchise from a top-tier publisher. It’d gotten plenty of slobbery preview coverage from ours and other outlets in the months previous, but the final game was inescapably mediocre. So I gave it the score it deserved.” Just like any other day…

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Social Media Roundtable 2: Still no furniture in sight

Three more luminaries have tossed their opinions into the mix, and those are collected here for your reading pleasure. It’s still not actually a roundtable… more like a trough. A trough of knowledge. So step up to the trough, little piggies (yes, still got swine flu on the brain) and suck up this nutritious opinion.

Again, the question posed was, “In your experience, how has the emergence and growth of social media and social networking affected or changed the way companies interact with their customers?”

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Crisis communications, or: “Holy shit, this sucks.”

You see, the state of the economy is to blame for some layoffs we had to make at CD Projekt RED — we didn’t have to fire hundreds or thousands of people like a lot of other companies did, but nevertheless we were affected. Those layoffs spawned at least one disgruntled employee who felt the need to reach out to media to expose what was/is a very fragile situation in the development of The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf.

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Social Media Roundtable 1: This is not furniture-related.

This site isn’t just going to be about pretty people talking about pretty things, you know. We actually do hope to generate some intelligent discussion on issues that are important to marketers and consumers alike. To get that discussion going we’re going to do occasional roundtables about relevant topics, having our contributors chime in with their thoughts.

Hit the jump to hear the responses to this question from luminaries Scott Steinberg, Sean Hollister, Douglass Perry and Rob Fleischer:

In your experience, how has the emergence and growth of social media and social networking affected or changed the way companies interact with their customers?

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