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Category Archives: PR

How Early Is “Too Early” To Bring In PR? (It’s Not)

When should you consider bringing PR in on a gaming project? It’s the age-old question and one that doesn’t necessarily present a single, clear answer. Should you bring in support at an early stage to get your pixelated ducks in a row, or is the real benefit of PR found at the…

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How to Cope with Rejection & Foster Relationships in the Games Industry

What I want to tackle today is the process of turning a rejection into a positive experience that will help you going forward. While we’re going to use the example of video game review codes throughout this post, the following principles of social interaction can be applied to job applications, partnerships, and…

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Evolve’s PR-to-English Dictionary Vol. 1

Something we find ourselves doing with alarming frequency here at Evolve PR is explaining different terms to people. Admittedly every industry has its own lexicon, and we work with all sorts of bright young devs, journalists, and content creators who are still picking up the games industry lingo. That being the case,…

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How to make your assets an asset

So, you’re ready to start sharing art from your game. Great! Images, especially shared through social media, are one of the fastest ways to spur organic growth and awareness. That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to display your beautifully crafted models and hand-drawn cells. I’m sure you’ve…

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Pros & Cons: Should You Expect Appointments and Coverage at GDC and PAX?

Convention season is an unruly beast, and even with years of experience under our collective belts here at Evolve PR, events are always something of a hassle: is it worth our time to chase after appointments with media, streamers, and YouTubers? Should we focus our attention on one group? Is it worth…

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How can video game PR improve in 2014?

Let’s face it: video game marketing hasn’t always been the best. We have to get people excited about products that are half-finished (or just a twinkle in the designer’s eye); we have to deal with development delays that throw our well-planned campaigns out of whack; we have to find odd ways to…

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Blendoku Developers’ Novel Approach to Adding Colorblind Support to a Game About Colors

This is a guest post from Lonely Few’s Rod Green. Go to http://blendoku.com to grab this game — it’s free — for iOS or Android. Colorblindness affects a large number of people and to varying degrees and we got a LOT of people saying “Blendoku is a great game but sucks if…

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So… Sunday may be a good day to send out video game news.

Yeah. I said it. After years of “certainty” that weekends are, like, totally stupid when it comes to sending out game news, I may have to eat a bit of tasty, tasty crow. Yesterday (Sunday), because of a fortuitous tempest of convenience — I was awake early, my wife and kid were…

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A Focus on Quality: Does It Make For Better PR?

We spend way too much time in our team Skype chats talking about how to do a better job of… umm… our jobs. Granted, much of it is brought on by my own anxiety about the gradual death of PR as a profession, as well as an unfortunate rebellious streak that drives…

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Wargame AirLand Battle: Playable Now, New Screenshots of New Battlefields

New screenshots of some of the new Wargame AirLand Battle battlefields and, oh yeah, you can play it now and get a sweet discount if you own European Escalation.

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