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Zeno Clash dev does what the Navy Seals didn’t — negotiate with pirates

Arrr! Piracy is a big issue in the video game and entertainment industries — we all know that. A lot of companies take the totalitarian approach and oppress users with ridiculous DRM. Others try to add value to legitimate purchases. And others, like Zeno Clash developer, ACE Team, do something totally different:…

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Games PR Ain’t All Fun and… well… Games

Before we all get too deep into the details and theories of PR and marketing, I wanted to thank Tom for setting all this up.  He’s got a nice group of PR, marketing and media people involved here – many of whom I’ve worked with before in some capacity – so I…

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Twitter retains customers like I retain water… not well.

Of course you can read the rest of the article, but the gist of it is that, according to a Nielsen Online study, only 40% of the people who post on Twitter this month will still be there next month. But… but… Oprah and Ellen and MC Hammer use Twitter. Surely Ashton Kutcher can’t be campaigning for global prominence on a service that can’t even keep an audience. That’s what you’d be saying if you’re one of those people who actually cares about celebrities and their one-way communication on Twitter.

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How to Make Headlines

Welcome to the future of public relations: Despite the dizzying array of tools (Facebook, Twitter, a mysteriously-timed sudden resurgence of interest in booth babes, etc.) now at our disposal, the basics still look much the same as they did yesterday. Or rather, they do at least when it comes to dealing with…

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DMing on Twitter shouldn’t count as “really” reaching out. Or should it?

I get it, social networks are all the rage (see my roundtable post coming soon.) But as with all formal business, why would you leave something to chance? With the unreliability of the ever-growing Twitter, is it really fair to assume that I’m going to get your DM for assets in a…

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Social Media Roundtable 1: This is not furniture-related.

This site isn’t just going to be about pretty people talking about pretty things, you know. We actually do hope to generate some intelligent discussion on issues that are important to marketers and consumers alike. To get that discussion going we’re going to do occasional roundtables about relevant topics, having our contributors chime in with their thoughts.

Hit the jump to hear the responses to this question from luminaries Scott Steinberg, Sean Hollister, Douglass Perry and Rob Fleischer:

In your experience, how has the emergence and growth of social media and social networking affected or changed the way companies interact with their customers?

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