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Category Archives: PR Pro Tips

Evolve PR’s Completely Unreasonable Expectations of the Media

“What do you expect from media?” It’s one of the most common questions we receive. After all, there are perks to being considered media, like free games, cool swag, and skipping event lines. So, in an age where everyone can have a voice, who do we consider to be media, and what…

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How to Make a Not-Shit Game Trailer

Creating a top-quality trailer that shows off your game and–more importantly–gives the viewer a taste of what it feels like to play your game, is the single most important piece of marketing you need to do. Everyone wants to make a trailer that’s hot-shit, but that takes a lot of time and experience…

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PR Pro Tips: Scammers and Thieves – Devs and YouTubers Fight Back

Move over piracy. Code scamming is the season’s hottest trend in video game fraud. In a recent blog post for Gamasutra, Leszek Lisowski of Wastelands Interactive (Worlds of Magic) talked about his encounters with people posing as prominent YouTubers and requesting Steam codes for media coverage. In turn, Lisowski dove into the…

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PR Pro Tips: A Video Game PR Guide to Tradeshows and Conventions

To establish my tradeshow bona fides, just know that there was a point where I’d regularly get lost in my apartment because I spent so much time on the show circuit that I didn’t know the layout of the place I lived. Much of this advice is based on actual experience and…

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PR Pro Tips: The Care And Feeding of Mobile PR

With the mobile space red hot and everyone seeing the virtues of mobile development–small teams, small budgets, and fast turnaround–we’re having more and more people come to us looking for PR support for their mobile titles. However, PR in the mobile space is completely different from PR in the gaming space, and…

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So… Sunday may be a good day to send out video game news.

Yeah. I said it. After years of “certainty” that weekends are, like, totally stupid when it comes to sending out game news, I may have to eat a bit of tasty, tasty crow. Yesterday (Sunday), because of a fortuitous tempest of convenience — I was awake early, my wife and kid were…

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A Focus on Quality: Does It Make For Better PR?

We spend way too much time in our team Skype chats talking about how to do a better job of… umm… our jobs. Granted, much of it is brought on by my own anxiety about the gradual death of PR as a profession, as well as an unfortunate rebellious streak that drives…

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PR Pro Tips: Targeting and Pitching Your Game to Media

One of the first mistakes developers make when handling their own PR is emailing everyone under the sun who writes about games in any capacity. While initially that may seem like a good idea—I see you writing comments like “Isn’t that what you guys do?!”—writers are busy, and a generic pitch that…

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PAX East: Not Entirely Useless Tips for Indie Devs

First, a PAX Poem ‘Twas the night before PAX East and somewhere on a plane Some germs were a-spreading, and no one could name The one who would kickstart this year’s conference plague Something something, not much rhymes with plague. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we wanted to…

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Making a Case for Video Game Previews

I guess you could say it’s a pretty rough time to be in video game PR. Our relationships with press have come under scrutiny, the media landscape has changed dramatically in a short period of time, and — most recently — the very concept of pre-release PR in games has been thoroughly…

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