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Category Archives: PR Pro Tips

Kick-ass Interviewing Tips for Graduating PR Students

Whether or not you’re going into the game industry, read these.   Last week, I got to take part in what I consider to be a privilege — I got to review work portfolios for graduating PR students from the University of Oregon. Think of it as a sort of job interview…

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So You Wanna Join Video Game PR

As I settle down to write this blog post, the unique situation I find myself in isn’t entirely lost on me. A mere two months ago I was driving a city bus for a living while juggling my side project of running a well-established video game media website. Now, I find myself…

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Help Us, Help You (Get Codes)

 So you’ve found a game you are dying to make content for, you’ve hunted down the correct PR person and you’re about to send off an email to request a code. But wait! PR agents get tons of messages requesting codes every day and each of these messages needs to be verified…

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Marketing Communication and the Natural Spread of Excitement

Video games have a surprising amount of variety when it comes to how they’re played, consumed, and lauded. Evolve’s relationship with developers and publishers can vary incredibly based on this wide amount of choice. It has led to many odd introductions on “what I do” but is easily my favourite aspect of…

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Useful Things I Learned Using Imgur to Tell a Story About Game Development

If you’re reading this, then heck yeah, I’ve already cleared one of the first hurdles of communication – getting your attention. Thank you for that! Have I mentioned how awesome you are? Yes, you’re awesome. Okay, enough with the flattery. In public relations, one of our biggest challenges is getting the stories…

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Looking Back (and Forward) to TwitchCon

Having just completed its third year, TwitchCon has weathered some initial growing pains and appears to be regular fixture in the convention scene. Evolve PR has had a presence at each event, and we wanted to provide some insight from the perspective of an exhibitor showcasing a game. And, even though the…

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How Early Is “Too Early” To Bring In PR? (It’s Not)

When should you consider bringing PR in on a gaming project? It’s the age-old question and one that doesn’t necessarily present a single, clear answer. Should you bring in support at an early stage to get your pixelated ducks in a row, or is the real benefit of PR found at the…

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How to Cope with Rejection & Foster Relationships in the Games Industry

What I want to tackle today is the process of turning a rejection into a positive experience that will help you going forward. While we’re going to use the example of video game review codes throughout this post, the following principles of social interaction can be applied to job applications, partnerships, and…

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5 Helpful Tips for Requesting Games from Evolve PR

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts, you might remember a post about our completely unreasonable expectations of the media. This blog post is somewhat related to that and is meant to help with what seems like the simple task of requesting a copy of a game from us. See,…

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Evolve’s PR-to-English Dictionary Vol. 1

Something we find ourselves doing with alarming frequency here at Evolve PR is explaining different terms to people. Admittedly every industry has its own lexicon, and we work with all sorts of bright young devs, journalists, and content creators who are still picking up the games industry lingo. That being the case,…

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