The Magnificent Trufflepigs: Live Action Vignette

CATEGORY: Commercial
DATE: May 2021
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AMC and Thunkd Games wanted a piece of content to support the launch of metal detecting game, The Magnificent Trufflepigs. For this heart-warming intro to main character Beth, they wanted to do live-action rather than a cinematic, so as not to confuse players about the game’s visuals. We shot this over two days. For the garage, we used a 3-door garage and built the walls out of props to make it feel more like a bazaar full of treasures. We then lit the scene to have a nostalgic, almost Indiana Jones like feel with warm light coming through the back window. The result is a lovely little vignette that helps players understand Beth and her background.

Services provided: Concepting, Scripting, Live Action Production, Directing, Prop Design, Light VFX, Music Sourcing, Music Composition, Sound Design, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering

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