About 66.67% of the Evolve team will be heading to E3 next week (Shannon gets to hang out at home on what could only be described as “vacation”), and we’re looking to meet with promising (or established) game developers and publishers who might want a bit of help on the PR front.

I’m not going to give you some icky sales speech. I won’t wow you with Powerpoints or waste a bunch of paper to print off some fact sheets about our agency. We probably will be able to buy a beer or fancy bottled water and talk about how PR might help you. We might give you some free advice in case you aren’t ready to spend money on PR. Maybe we can even give you a little reality check about your game and how it fits in the market (and the challenges you may face in getting media to care about it). Or we can just give each other high fives and go on our merry ways.

Bottom line: if you or someone you know is developing or publishing a game that doesn’t suck, we’d love to help get the word out about it. Email me at tom(at)evolve-pr.com and we’ll set something up.

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