We took the 11 bit studios team out to meet with press and show off their ridiculously addictive and gorgeous reverse tower defense-style game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The game’s coming out in early 2011 on PC, iPhone, iPad and… who knows, maybe something else.

Previews are starting to hit, and people are really digging it! Here’s the buzz so far:

Pocket Gamer
“With a few months between now and its early 2011 release, this highly promising game is destined to only get better as independent developer 11-bit Studios lavishes it with polish.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“Despite the sluggish pace of your units, the pace of the game itself is relentless. You’re constantly weaving your commander back and forth, dropping sandstorms and decoys, repairing your units the moment before they’re flattened by an energy beam, and bringing up the tactical map just before your team reach a T-junction to make sure the team travels down the less painful-looking road.”

“If you’re at all interested in strategy games or fans of Indie developers, then this is very much a title you should be looking out for early next year.”

“11 Bit Studios is pushing replayability with new objectives for completed missions and leaderboard support. There’s even a combo system that will reward you for defeating strings of enemies in a timely manner. Anomaly is clearly taking a creative approach to the usual tower defense formula.”

That’s just the beginning, folks! For more info about Anomaly: Warzone Earth, hit up https://www.anomalythegame.com and follow 11 bit studios on Twitter or Facebook! And, of course, just keep reading this site.

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