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Tag Archives: Video Game Marketing and PR

How to Make a Not-Shit Game Trailer

Creating a top-quality trailer that shows off your game and–more importantly–gives the viewer a taste of what it feels like to play your game, is the single most important piece of marketing you need to do. Everyone wants to make a trailer that’s hot-shit, but that takes a lot of time and experience…

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Blacklisting. It happens, and it’s dumb.

The seedy underbelly of the games industry exposes itself. When a journalist goes rebels and does something as recklessly disrespectful and anti-gaming as write a negative article about a game or publisher, a lot of PR reps and executives forget that golden rule and do something so unimaginably dumb in times of duress that I just can’t wrap my batshit insane head around it: they put that journalist on their blacklist.

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Crisis communications, or: “Holy shit, this sucks.”

You see, the state of the economy is to blame for some layoffs we had to make at CD Projekt RED — we didn’t have to fire hundreds or thousands of people like a lot of other companies did, but nevertheless we were affected. Those layoffs spawned at least one disgruntled employee who felt the need to reach out to media to expose what was/is a very fragile situation in the development of The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf.

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Games PR Ain’t All Fun and… well… Games

Before we all get too deep into the details and theories of PR and marketing, I wanted to thank Tom for setting all this up.  He’s got a nice group of PR, marketing and media people involved here – many of whom I’ve worked with before in some capacity – so I…

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