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Jobs at Evolve PR

At Evolve, we’re committed to not sucking. If you’re someone who’s also interested in not sucking, and who has hobbies like… oh, playing video games, reading about the games industry, promoting video games, trying to understand why games still cost $60, etc., you might be interested in working for us!

Why work at Evolve?

Just because! Oh fine, you need more real reasons. How about…

  • Work from anywhere – home, the beach or that totally cool coffee shop down the street so you can look all professional and stuff.
  • Flexible work hours and a 35-hour work week. Focus on the “life” part of “work-life balance.”
  • Health and dental benefits.
  • Be part of an agency with an exceptional reputation, aiming to break free from traditional PR in creative and exciting ways.
  • Liberal vacation time!
  • Work on a wide range of games, from AAA blockbusters to underdog indies.
  • Educational allowance so you can get better at… well, whatever you’re doing.
  • Enjoy working on a small team, wearing various hats. No funny hats, though. Oh, who am I kidding? Wear whatever hat you want, you weirdo.
  • Pants optional.
  • Evolve is committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, age, or disability status.

Open Positions

It’s time for Evolve PR to… wait for it… evolve. We have rather lofty ambitions for the future (shit, we probably shouldn’t tell people, right?), and are looking for some help! At this time we are focusing on expanding our team in Canada.

Social Media and Community Coordinator

We’re looking to bring on a social media and community coordinator to help us and our clients build online communities and connect with players. In this role, you’ll be responsible for guiding and creating social media content and strategies for Evolve itself (including Terminals.io) and a range of clients, as well as developing grassroots campaigns to attract and retain players in positive, cohesive gaming communities. This is a remote position—work from home in your underpants!—though if we could find someone in Victoria or Vancouver, that’d be splendid. Still, if you’re qualified, and in Canada, we’re happy to hear from you!


  • Build Community. Develop unique, creative campaigns to generate community growth and retention, incorporating social media, real-world events (tradeshows/conferences), and anything else that makes sense.
  • Get Social. Produce and execute social media strategies, creating and posting content that shows off our clients’ games and our internal efforts in the best possible light. You are a conduit between players and the game developers, and you will help facilitate communication between the two groups.
  • Analyze and Learn. Develop KPIs for campaigns, produce regular reports of progress and impact, and adopt a mindset of constant learning to continually adapt to changing market conditions and improve results. Share key messages and feedback from players with the game developers.
  • Collaborate and Communicate. Work with Evolve’s PR and research teams, video producer, and client counterparts to execute strategies and ensure that everyone’s efforts support the others. Your professional, concise communication is vital.
  • Get Creative. Come up with creative ways to convey appealing game elements to players and content creators. There aren’t really any rules to the Evolve way of doing PR (other than not being an asshole, I guess); like we said, we’re looking for people to bring a fresh approach. It’s a matter of thinking up anything that might get people talking.
  • Be Committed. We are often a game developer’s only marketing team, and we owe it to them to kick some ass. Sure, things don’t always go as well as we want them to, but we have to do everything in our power to make magic happen.
  • Organize Events. In this role you may be required to help develop a plan for tradeshow presence, working with PR teams to create fun booths that entice passersby to visit and play associated games.
  • Create Content. Write blog posts, creative website content for clients, and whatever else comes up. If that means spending a bunch of time making memes… I mean… cool. Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and/or video-editing tools is very helpful.
  • Educate. We are committed to improving practices across our industry, and each person on the Evolve team is encouraged to share best practices and other insights with clients and the public via blog posts, white papers, conference talks, and more.
  • Buy Ads. Where appropriate, manage social-ad buying to help support marketing initiatives. You’ll know all about A/B testing, effective content on different social platforms, success metrics, and everything else related to social ads.


The ideal candidate will have a healthy combination of the following qualifications (not all are required!):

  • Post-secondary education in social media marketing, digital marketing, advertising.
  • 2 to 3 years experience in a social media management and/or community management role.
  • A meme-producing, shitposting madperson.
  • Must be a legal Canadian resident, ideally in Victoria or Vancouver (though applicants from other locations within Canada will be considered).
  • Highly self-motivated and organized.
  • Avid gamer, with knowledge of indies, AAA, consoles, PC, and mobile landscapes.
  • Very comfortable with online communities and social media, as well as relevant best practices.
  • Amazing communication skills, highly personable and able to talk to all manner of people.
  • Experience writing/producing/conceptualizing creative content that’s had an impact.
  • Knowledge of digital and social marketing programs including online media, social behaviour, research and analytics.
  • Strong knowledge of YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Discord, and other related platforms.
  • Knowledge of and focus on marketing and social media ROI.
  • Able to travel without getting arrested at the border.
  • A constant learner, eagerly keeping an eye on industry developments, new platforms and practices.
  • Sizable existing network on Twitter, Twitch and/or YouTube would be nice.
  • Fluency in a second language would also be dynamite!

Ready to Apply?

Email your resume, cover letter and salary expectations to jobs@evolve-pr.com citing the Social Media and Community Coordinator position.

Occasional Freelancing Opportunities

While we don’t have any ongoing gigs available at the moment, we are looking to meet some great contractors who could help us out here and there. If you feel like you’re exceptionally qualified or otherwise just want to impress us with a fancy resume, you’re more than welcome to contact us at info@evolve-pr.com.

Web Development and/or Design Wunderkind

Sometimes the power of our ideas can’t be contained simply by the “PR” label. We’re looking for an incredible, up-and-coming web designer and/or developer to help us build engaging, creative websites that tie together our other efforts. This could be two different people or one amazing person who can handle it all.

If you can create beautiful, modern websites, we’re interested in seeing your portfolio and talking to you about potential partnerships. Email us at info@evolve-pr.comNote: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.

Print Designers, Illustrators and Artists

Sometimes we need artwork. That might be physical art. It might be character artwork. Maybe it’s a painting. Perhaps an infographic. In short: if it’s not web design but other forms of art, we may occasionally need a hand. Interested in helping us create cool campaigns to promote video games?

Holler with a portfolio at info@evolve-pr.comNote: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.

Prop Builder/Costume Designer/Industrial Designer

Yes, that’s a pretty all-encompassing job title. Again, this could be one person or various people to complete different jobs. Essentially, we’re looking for some incredibly creative types who are adept at building things, creating artisanal masterpieces of all sorts.

Whether you’ve crafted exceptional cosplay outfits or movie monsters or props or whatever, we’d love to chat and see your portfolio. Email us at info@evolve-pr.comNote: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.


We create videos featuring gameplay for our clients. Sometimes we may want to do some live-action video. That’s where you come in. While we can handle a good chunk of this ourselves, it’s not totally in our wheelhouse; so we’re looking for some rising stars in the film/video world who may be interested in helping out on occasion. We want to create memorable videos and other cross-media campaigns. Help us.

Email info@evolve-pr.com with a portfolio, and maybe we can work together in the future. Note: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.

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