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Tag Archives: Steam

Life is Feudal: Your Own – Animated Trailer and Release Date

Life is Feudal header

The full release of Life is Feudal: Your Own is approaching fast. With development nearing completion, including many community-requested features, the multiplayer medieval sandbox is set to leave Steam Early Access and launch November 17th with a 40% Midweek discount. Watch our new animated trailer featuring narration by film and TV icon,…

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Hack, Slash, and Stay Handsome – The Weaponographist is Out Now

Weaponographist Feature 1

Speed. Courage. Perfect hair. Being a demon hunter is hard work, and even harder when you’ve been cursed. Doug McGrave might have deserved it, but he’s not going down without a fight in The Weaponographist. The Weaponographist, the high-speed hack-n-slasher from Puuba and Mastertronic, is available now on Steam for PC and…

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Behind the Curtain of The Charnel House Trilogy

Meet the cast of horror-adventure, The Charnel House Trilogy, including New York Times bestselling author, Madeleine Roux, and gaming personalities, Peter Willington, Ashly Burch, Jim Sterling, and more. From Owl Cave (Richard & Alice), The Charnel House Trilogy expands upon the original tale presented in Sepulchre with two new chapters; Inhale and…

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Engineering vs. Undead in Over 9,000 Zombies! – Launch and Trailer

Over 9,000 Zombies! is breaching the walls of Steam and scrambling onto PC today, which just leaves one, all-important question: shotgun, rifle, or automated rocket-launching turret? Over 9,000 Zombies! combines the unyielding urgency of arcade action with the clever strategy of tower-defence to create a riotous festival of (un)death. Blast, bomb and…

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Deathtrap Early Access Teaser

Coming to Steam Early Acesss on October 22 for PC and Mac, Deathtrap pits you against hordes of monsters (or even other players) in a mix of tower-defense and action-RPG. Deathtrap is scheduled for release in Q1 2015 (PC, Mac) and is also heading to Xbox One and PS4. Check out the…

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Doug McGrave is a Jerk – The Weaponographist Announced

Following the successful launch of Concursion, indie initiative Puuba and British publishing house Mastertronic announce they are joining forces again to bring the crazed, rogue-lite combat of The Weaponographist to your PC. The Weaponographist is a high-speed, dangerous dungeon-crawler starring Doug McGrave; famous demon hunting bad boy for hire. Highest level, bestest…

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Front Page Sports Football Takes the Field

Launching today on Steam, from the sports sim experts at Cyanide Studio (Pro Cycling Manager 2014, Blood Bowl), Front Page Sports Football is the long-awaited revival of the fan-favorite football management series. “The Front Page Sports Football series set the bar for sports sims,” said Regis Robin, Lead Game Designer. “We wanted…

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AERENA: Clash of Champions Duking it Out on Steam

Like MOBAs, but hate bad teammates or being pigeon-holed by the strategy of a single character? Don’t want to spend five hours practicing everyday just to have a shot at mediocrity? You should check out ÆRENA: Clash of Champions, out now on Steam for PC, Mac, and featuring cross-platform gameplay with Android.…

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Thunder Wolves Cleared for Landing on Steam

Gratuitous explosions, overzealous rookies, endless ammunition – Thunder Wolves is a love letter to the macho, over-the-top action flicks of a bygone era. Plus, when was the last time you played a helicopter-shooter that wasn’t a retro-remake? Even better, this one has local co-op. There’s a new launch trailer featuring tons of…

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