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Tag Archives: No Pineapple Left Behind

To Foster or Crush Individuality in No Pineapple Left Behind?

Sit up and pay attention! Episode #3 of the No Pineapple Left Behind Internship Program explores personality traits with the help of David Jefferson; a student prone to being teased for cross-dressing. As the principal, it is your duty to provide students like David with a safe and positive learning environment. So,…

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How to Make Kids Smarter? Blast Them With Lasers!

What do lasers and pineapples have to do with education? Perhaps we better leave the answer for Seth Alter, a former educator and the creator of No Pineapple Left Behind; a satire of modern education cleverly disguised as a strategy game. Episode #2 of the No Pineapple Left Behind Internship Program will…

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Children Have Failed Us, Pineapples Are The Future

Sit down and pay attention! Today’s lesson is all about No Pineapple Left Behind, a satirical simulation of modern education and the tireless pursuit to create the perfect student body. In case you’re wondering, “Why pineapples?” here is a quick lesson in the controversy over standardized testing. http://goo.gl/R1ghVv As the principal, it…

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