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Tag Archives: Mastertronic

To Foster or Crush Individuality in No Pineapple Left Behind?

Sit up and pay attention! Episode #3 of the No Pineapple Left Behind Internship Program explores personality traits with the help of David Jefferson; a student prone to being teased for cross-dressing. As the principal, it is your duty to provide students like David with a safe and positive learning environment. So,…

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How to Make Kids Smarter? Blast Them With Lasers!

What do lasers and pineapples have to do with education? Perhaps we better leave the answer for Seth Alter, a former educator and the creator of No Pineapple Left Behind; a satire of modern education cleverly disguised as a strategy game. Episode #2 of the No Pineapple Left Behind Internship Program will…

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Race to the Beat of Chipzel in Spectra

Retro and futurism synthesize as you rush through twisting lanes of hazard-strewn neon to the beat of Chipzel. Spectra is coming to PC and Xbox One on July 10th. Listen to the soundtrack here. Simple and addictive, Spectra recalls the early days of arcade racing. Master the tricks to scoring bonus points,…

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Hack, Slash, and Stay Handsome – The Weaponographist is Out Now

Speed. Courage. Perfect hair. Being a demon hunter is hard work, and even harder when you’ve been cursed. Doug McGrave might have deserved it, but he’s not going down without a fight in The Weaponographist. The Weaponographist, the high-speed hack-n-slasher from Puuba and Mastertronic, is available now on Steam for PC and…

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Engineering vs. Undead in Over 9,000 Zombies! – Launch and Trailer

Over 9,000 Zombies! is breaching the walls of Steam and scrambling onto PC today, which just leaves one, all-important question: shotgun, rifle, or automated rocket-launching turret? Over 9,000 Zombies! combines the unyielding urgency of arcade action with the clever strategy of tower-defence to create a riotous festival of (un)death. Blast, bomb and…

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Doug McGrave is a Jerk – The Weaponographist Announced

Following the successful launch of Concursion, indie initiative Puuba and British publishing house Mastertronic announce they are joining forces again to bring the crazed, rogue-lite combat of The Weaponographist to your PC. The Weaponographist is a high-speed, dangerous dungeon-crawler starring Doug McGrave; famous demon hunting bad boy for hire. Highest level, bestest…

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