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Video and Trailer Production for Games

Trailers, social content and more

Let’s face it: gamers are a fickle bunch. It’s not their fault, really — we’ve created these monsters over the years — but it’ll still take something really impressive to get your game noticed. Today, more than ever, video is the best way to tell the world about your game, and we can work with you to create all manner of video content and trailers that not only look cool, but also help inform gamers about your products and why your thingy is better than that other company’s thingy. These are all very technical terms, of course.

We’ll team up on this one

We don’t want to be just your average video production house. We want to team up with you, leverage our extensive PR knowledge, and work together to build something that really steals the show. How this works is up to you, whether you want us to mastermind the whole thing – from coming up with a concept to capturing gameplay and shooting live-action to delivering the final product – or just help with editing content you’ve already created, or even building motion graphics and effects, as well as social-media-focused videos, choosing Evolve for your video production will leave you with great visual content to get your game noticed. And yeah, as always, we give you a pretty good deal compared to a lot of other companies.

The revolution will be televised

As a value-added service for Evolve clients, we often stream play sessions via TwitchTV or post gameplay videos to our YouTube channel. We can use those videos to show off our clients’ games to the media if they’re skeptical about a title they’ve never heard of, or to present new or in-development products directly to gamers.


Below are a few examples of the videos we’ve created so far. Check out our YouTube channel to see more Evolve content.


For this trailer we needed to script and capture a camera fly-through of an almost frozen moment. I had a great time working with the developers and we ended up creating a bespoke game build that allowed for us to capture this moment properly. In the end we got an amazing result.

Dead Cells

We helped with the motion graphics and development on Motion Twin’s official Dead Cells trailer and then they asked us to make a trailer for their release date. We wanted to focus on the intensity of the game and how practice makes perfect in this roguevania platformer.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA

It was great fun working on the script for this, we knew we had some great VO talent attached to the game so we devised a scene that would allow for some interesting dialogue.

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