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Media, Blogger and YouTube Relations

No matter how good your game is, it won’t make a splash unless people know about it… or you throw it in a pool. That’s where we come in… no, no, we won’t throw your games into a pool. We will, however, take the arduous task of media outreach off your hands. And hey, we don’t charge as much as a lot of other agencies because… ummm… well… I… I’m sure there’s a reason.

Any Job, Anywhere

We work with more than 2,000 media from around the world – from magazine editors to bloggers to YouTube stars and beyond – to get your game news, videos, screenshots, or whatever else your heart desires in front of gamers across the globe. We’ll staff tradeshows, help you determine key selling points, write press releases, get exclusive placements — anything we have to do to get the job done. Whether it’s online, in print or on TV, we can rock it out. Or polka it out. Whatever floats your boat.

Budget-Friendly Options for Indies

While we love to establish ongoing relationships with our clients and handle all of their day-to-day PR needs, we also offer piecemeal services at indie-friendly prices; for example, we can send out your press release to our media contacts or just handle your review outreach. It’s all part of Evolve’s commitment to giving every great game a chance to shine, regardless of budget.

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