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Community Management and Social Media

It’s easier than ever for fans to interact with their favourite developers and share opinions about games with other players. Whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, it’s important for developers to be where their fans are, and Evolve can help you figure out effective strategies to develop your fan community and engage them via social media.

Troll Whispering, Community Events and More

When a troll wants to lure you into an all-out flame war, we’ll be there to douse the fires of rage with a refreshing tonic of peace. When you announce that you’re nerfing that character class everyone loves, we’ll help you communicate that to your most rabid players. When you’re off to a trade show and want to run a tournament for the public, we’ll help set it up. When you need someone to post some pictures to Facebook, we can do that, too. Really, think of us as your incredible bionic arms, ready to do your bidding or set you up to do your own bidding more easily. That last bit makes sense. Really, it does.

Do A Little Or Do A Lot

As with most of our services, we can do as much or as little community and social media management as you need. We can lay out long-term strategies to attract more players, work on single events or even just update your Twitter account every once in a while. And we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it. Just an arm. A bionic arm. No, probably cheaper than that. But bionic arms are too cool.

You should just email us to work with you now.

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