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Jobs at Evolve PR

At Evolve, we’re committed to not sucking. If you’re someone who’s also interested in not sucking, and who has hobbies like… oh, playing video games, reading about the games industry, promoting video games, trying to understand why games still cost $60, etc., you might be interested in working for us!

Why work at Evolve?

Just because! Oh fine, you need more real reasons. How about…

  • Work from anywhere – home, the beach or that totally cool coffee shop down the street so you can look all professional and stuff.
  • Flexible work hours and a 35-hour work week. Focus on the “life” part of “work-life balance.”
  • Health and dental benefits.
  • Be part of an agency with an exceptional reputation, aiming to break free from traditional PR in creative and exciting ways.
  • Liberal vacation time!
  • Work on a wide range of games, from AAA blockbusters to underdog indies.
  • Enjoy working on a small team, wearing various hats. No funny hats, though. Oh, who am I kidding? Wear whatever hat you want, you weirdo.
  • Pants optional.

Full-Time Positions

It’s time for Evolve PR to… wait for it… evolve. We have rather lofty ambitions for the future (shit, we probably shouldn’t tell people, right?), and have room for a new PR rep on our team! At this time we are focusing on expanding our team in Canada; while we’re open to receiving applications from elsewhere in the world, priority will be given to Canadian residents.

New – PR Specialist

Have you been doing video game PR and/or influencer relations for at least two years? Do you play games? Can you write and talk real good (like, you’d know that was a crap sentence)? Think of yourself as a creative person? Are you tight as hell with media, Twitch broadcasters, and YouTube content creators? Can you avoid taking flamebait in the face of the most annoying trolls EVER? We’re looking for an amazing person (in Canada) to help us stay at the forefront of video game PR by coming up with creative ways to promote our clients and their games to the world.


  • Develop effective, creative PR strategies for a wide range of projects, from indie to AAA.
  • Work with clients and Evolve’s internal video and social media/community team to execute said strategies and ensure that everyone’s efforts support the others.
  • Work with YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers to get games played. That doesn’t always mean, “Hey here’s a game play it!” — you need to approach the right people with the right game and the right pitch.
  • Develop and pitch relevant stories to enthusiast and mainstream media. We don’t like to spam people who don’t give a damn about whatever we’re spamming them about.
  • Secure preview and review coverage as appropriate.
  • Manage press tours, trade show presence and other real-world activities.
  • Write blog posts, creative website content for clients, press releases (EWWWW but sometimes still helpful) and whatever else comes up.
  • Ideally help create video content, run Twitch streams and other fun video-related stuff.


  • Must be a legal Canadian resident, ideally near a development hotbed like Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.
  • At least two years of experience managing/executing PR campaigns for video games. We work on indie games and AAA stuff, so you’ve ideally had experience with both. If only one… well, let’s focus on indie games because we do more of that, and it’s harder to do.
  • Highly self-motivated and organized.
  • Established contacts in the gaming media, as well as with YouTubers and Twitch streamers.
  • Experience pitching stories to a wide range of media… and actually getting people to cover said pitches.
  • Avid gamer, with knowledge of indies, AAA, consoles, PC and mobile.
  • Able to travel without getting arrested at the border.
  • Fully on board with our approach to PR: it’s not just media relations and top-tier exclusives.
  • Amazing communication skills, highly personable and able to talk to all manner of people.
  • Experience writing/producing/developing creative ideas and content.
  • Strong understanding of social media practices and platforms. If you’re not on Twitter, for example, you probably won’t be a good fit here.

Would Be Nice

  • Experience managing trade shows, including booth planning, developing demo scripts and media scheduling.
  • Knowledge of video editing, YouTube/Twitch content creation.
  • Experience in influencer outreach.
  • Extensive contacts within the gaming industry – other PR folks, developers, execs, etc.

Ready to Apply?

Email your resume, cover letter and salary expectations to jobs@evolve-pr.com citing the PR Specialist position.

Occasional Freelancing Opportunities

While we don’t have any ongoing gigs available at the moment, we are looking to meet some great contractors who could help us out here and there. If you feel like you’re exceptionally qualified or otherwise just want to impress us with a fancy resume, you’re more than welcome to contact us at info@evolve-pr.com.

Web Development and/or Design Wunderkind

Sometimes the power of our ideas can’t be contained simply by the “PR” label. We’re looking for an incredible, up-and-coming web designer and/or developer to help us build engaging, creative websites that tie together our other efforts. This could be two different people or one amazing person who can handle it all.

If you can create beautiful, modern websites, we’re interested in seeing your portfolio and talking to you about potential partnerships. Email us at info@evolve-pr.comNote: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.

Print Designers, Illustrators and Artists

Sometimes we need artwork. That might be physical art. It might be character artwork. Maybe it’s a painting. Perhaps an infographic. In short: if it’s not web design but other forms of art, we may occasionally need a hand. Interested in helping us create cool campaigns to promote video games?

Holler with a portfolio at info@evolve-pr.comNote: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.

Prop Builder/Costume Designer/Industrial Designer

Yes, that’s a pretty all-encompassing job title. Again, this could be one person or various people to complete different jobs. Essentially, we’re looking for some incredibly creative types who are adept at building things, creating artisanal masterpieces of all sorts.

Whether you’ve crafted exceptional cosplay outfits or movie monsters or props or whatever, we’d love to chat and see your portfolio. Email us at info@evolve-pr.comNote: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.


We create videos featuring gameplay for our clients. Sometimes we may want to do some live-action video. That’s where you come in. While we can handle a good chunk of this ourselves, it’s not totally in our wheelhouse; so we’re looking for some rising stars in the film/video world who may be interested in helping out on occasion. We want to create memorable videos and other cross-media campaigns. Help us.

Email info@evolve-pr.com with a portfolio, and maybe we can work together in the future. Note: this would be a contract position with demand whenever, y’know, we run a campaign where we need this sort of help.

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