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Author Archives: Tom Ohle

The Evolve PR Guide to Getting the Most Out of E3 for Media, Streamers, and Content Creators

In the coming months, we’re going to present a series of tips and guides about various parts of this wondrous industry, focused on helping media and content creators–new and established–to work with PR (or developers and publishers in general) more effectively. Some of it may seem elementary to folks who’ve been doing…

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The Evolve PR Scavenger Hunt at PAX East 2017

We always like to try out new things–new ways to help streamers, media, and… well… whoever get the most out of their time at events. PAX can be an overwhelming experience, with so many games to play, and all those shiny lights. It can be hard to figure out what’s worth playing.…

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Introducing Evolve Terminal… in Alpha Testing.

May 16 – Updated Known Issues and Notes Below Ooooooh baby, it’s a big day here at Evolve HQ. We’re excited to unveil Evolve Terminal, our magical new platform where we make it super easy to discover, request and receive great games to play. Whether you’re in the media, a YouTuber or…

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Disney Interactive and GOG.com Join Forces to Release Classic Lucasfilm Games

There are no games in the world — save, perhaps, Shining Force II — that I remember with greater fondness than LucasArts’ classics, like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Fate of Atlantis, Sam & Max and so on. Well, HOLLA!!!!! Six Titles from Lucasfilm’s Star Wars™, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island and Sam & Max…

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Nival Announces Blitzkrieg 3, the Long-Awaited Return of the World War II Real-Time Strategy Series

Oh hey, look at that! I forgot I had a login to our blog. Today’s a big day for strategy- and war-gaming fans, as Nival finally unveils Blitzkrieg 3 worldwide. Check the news below, along with some sweeeeeeet screenshots.

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Techland’s Hellraid Goes Next-Gen

Yyyyyowza. It’s not every day that a developer swaps engines and platforms of an already-anticipated game, but look at those Techland folks go! Hellraid has gotten a full next-gen overhaul, and daaaamn it’s looking good. Watch the trailer, then catch the full news and a handful of brand-new screenshots after the jump!

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Secret Ponchos Coming to Steam Early Access This Summer, Making PS4 Version Even Better

Ahoyhoy… great news for PC gamers who previously could only play Secret Ponchos in their dreams… sad, sad dreams. News below, along with some screenshots! Vancouver-based Switchblade Monkeys is excited to announce that its spaghetti western multiplayer combat game, Secret Ponchos, is not only rustlin’ its way to PS4, but will also…

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Relive the excitement of slopestyle in SNOW with Fochi 2014

The fine folks at Poppermost are keeping up with the times, as they’ve just added the Fochi 2014 run to SNOW, their Early Access open-mountain skiing/snowboarding game (skiing only right now, but snowboarding will be added). If you’ve been following the Olympics at all, you probably saw some of the amazing runs…

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SNOW Early Access Gets Updated, New Video

I could write a big blog post about the new update to SNOW, Poppermost’s debut open-mountain winter-sports game… but this video does the trick! [Check out SNOW on Steam Early Access]

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How can video game PR improve in 2014?

Let’s face it: video game marketing hasn’t always been the best. We have to get people excited about products that are half-finished (or just a twinkle in the designer’s eye); we have to deal with development delays that throw our well-planned campaigns out of whack; we have to find odd ways to…

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