6 Helpful Tips for a Successful Convention Experience as a Streamer

So, you’ve been streaming for a while now and you feel confident in your content and your viewership. You know what your cast can bring, but how do you approach developers or other possible sponsors at a convention? Every convention is different, but there are some general things you can do to make your con experience as successful as possible.

1. Be Prepared. Be sure to take a look at any literature put out by the convention’s management. Make note of any panels or booths that are of interest to you, and where and when they are. Many cons now even have apps that allow you to plan your event. While it’s easy to overlook this step, if you don’t plan out ahead of time what booths or events you’re going to attend, you may miss them as time is often tight.

2. Make Friends, Not Business Connections. People are more likely to want to work with people who they get along with. Keep things professional, but don’t be scared to joke around with people, especially at private parties and mixers. Let people see your personality! Treat private and sponsored parties like work events, have fun but don’t overdo it. It can be scary to reach out to strangers but if you want to make connections you’ll have to expand your boundaries!

3. Introduce Yourself. Don’t assume they are familiar with your work or your platform. While most people at a gaming convention will have probably heard of the major content platforms and often the bigger names on those platforms, that doesn’t mean they understand them. Each community and subset of a community has its own culture after all, including yours!

4. Have An Elevator Pitch. Be able to explain your content and what you do quickly and succinctly, while distinguishing yourself from others in your field. “I’m a Twitch streamer” is much less helpful than “I’m a Twitch variety streamer. I mostly play RPGs and strategy games, and I do my best to make sure there’s interaction and fun times within my community!”

5. Know What You Want, And What You Can Offer. Are you wanting free game keys? Full sponsorships? If so, is that in the form of products or money? What are you willing to offer in exchange for this. Will you place their product logo on your stream or in your info section? Shout them out on Twitter? Be willing to negotiate, but don’t take a deal you won’t be happy with.

6. Bring Business Cards. At a convention you’re likely to meet a ton of people, so having cards that will easily remind those you meet of who you are and what you do is essential. While it may be tempting to bring crazy shaped cards that stand out, keep in mind that most people have business card holders due to the sheer amount of cards they’re going to receive, and the more gimmicky cards often won’t fit. Be sure to include relevant information such as your channel link and email address on your business cards.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Conventions are great places to network, meet people, and make some friends, but in the end, they’re there for fun.