Introducing Evolve Terminal… in Alpha Testing.

May 16 – Updated Known Issues and Notes Below

Ooooooh baby, it’s a big day here at Evolve HQ. We’re excited to unveil Evolve Terminal, our magical new platform where we make it super easy to discover, request and receive great games to play. Whether you’re in the media, a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer, Terminal is just about the easiest way to get game codes from our clients and, in the long run, from other developers on the platform. We’re kicking off the platform with the Witcher 3 launch. No pressure, right?

Evolve Terminal Front Page

Terminal will ultimately replace our media database, so if you like getting games from us, you do need to sign up to Terminal… it’s really quite easy, and by verifying every account that comes in, we can ensure that only legitimate requests are fulfilled — no more fakers claiming to be PewDiePie or whoever. It’s good for everyone.

There are a few things to note:

  • Terminal is in alpha. That means things will break, and some features won’t be as pretty as we would have liked, or may not quite work the way we want. Bear with us, though you can also send us an email at with any bugs or feedback you encounter. Actually, we encourage you to do so; we want this platform to work for us and for you. And if you think it sucks, we think it sucks.
  • We have to verify your account before you can request codes. As noted, this is to prevent fake media and YouTubers to try and claim keys by pretending to be someone they are not. You can make this process easier on us if you connect your social media accounts – you can do so via the My Profile page.
  • When you connect your social profiles, we do ask for some permissions — these are standard permission requests, and we will never store or utilize any of the info you provide. We’re working on other options/ways to verify your accounts, but this is really the best way: it not only ensures that you are who you say you are, but allows us to grab latest subscriber numbers and view numbers, so that when you request a game, it’s easy for us to say, “yep, let’s make sure this person gets a key!”
  • May 16 update: You really should enter as much information as possible on your profile. Remember, this will replace our media database in the long run, so things like your Twitter account, URL, Outlet/channel name, etc. are important for us to have. Also, the tags you select in Terminal (i.e. platforms and game tags) will ultimately determine the types of games you see and get news for in the future. If you cover Xbox One games, for example, make sure you select Xbox One. Or else you will not get Xbox One games/news.

Some known issues:

  • “Submit Coverage” does not currently work, but will eventually.
  • Twitch connections currently ask for access that suggests we get your Stream Key. Again, we don’t store that info, and we’re also working with Twitch to see if there’s a way to get sub numbers without that access.
  • Ultimately, you will be able to choose region-specific game codes, i.e. if you’re in Europe you request a European PS4 key for a game. However, for RIGHT NOW, we ask that you just DO NOT select a region; we’ll just be using non-region-specific codes for now (or will deny your request if you’re in a region for a game we do not have codes for).
  • Game tags and such do not currently do much, but they will. Feel free to select some tags in your profile, and in the future we’ll try to make sure you get games that are relevant to your interests!
  • Image format for cover images is still being worked on. We’ll make sure it looks better when we’re ready.
  • Tags and games are not sorted alphabetically. Yep.
  • PEGI and other ratings aren’t in the system yet.
  • Not all Evolve PR games are in yet.

Soooo I think that’s it. Go sign up so we can get you verified ASAP! As noted, any feedback can be sent over to, or you can message on Twitter at @evolve_pr or contact me directly @evolvetom.