Well, well. What have we here?

People who know me should know that I’m certainly not one for teasing. I’ve never been much of a tease, so to speak. Those who know me better will quickly call bullshit on that.

I’ve been teasing the existence of an unnamed, unannounced PC shooter from an Eastern European developer. Well, today I get to share the very first screenshot from that game. This is it:

Debut game from a new Polish developer. That's all you get out of me.

The best shooter I've not yet announced, ever.

So…. some will ask, “OMG what is that?” Here’s all the info you’re getting from me: this is the debut game from a new Polish development studio, Flying Wild Hog. It’s a shooter for the PC, and we’ll be formally announcing it in the next couple of weeks. If you want to get in on any sort of coverage, you know who to talk to!

I’ve played the game, and am really, really enjoying it. Not biased at all.